Cockroaches 28.6
Date posted 14 September 2013
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Cockroaches 28.6 is the sixth chapter of Cockroaches. Taylor goes to put her affairs in order, while the Simurgh follows Tattletale. Taylor visits Charlotte and the kids, Glenn and Calle, and Miss Militia. Simurgh sings a lullaby.


The undersiders separate to see who Zizz imprinted on. Turns out it is Lisa. Taylor feels strangely disappointed but is able to rally and confort Lisa. The Thinker tries not to let on how scared she actually is.

They touch base on the situation and try to plan. Then Taylor takes advantage of Doormakers portals to visit former friends and acquaintances.

Taylor drops in on the children she had indirectly adopted. They seem to be doing well and tell her that Cauldron is trying for a final push to make as many new capes as possible. Forrest and Charlotte didn't take the offer. Taylor departs and finds out they are leaving out some info so she can feel some peace a a job well done.

She then meets her former Lawyer and fashion advisor. They are getting along extraordinarily well. They thank her for doing things well.

She wants to visit Miss Militia but the mature Heroine is keeping a lot of Wards company watching a movie. Imp, her Heartbroken, Rachel and her dogs are there too. Taylor decides to write a letter with her thoughts instead.

She then heads back to Tattletale, and gets a message from the Simurgh.


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  • The Simurgh reminds Taylor of Dinah's second piece of advice.
  • Taylor spends a sleepless night listening to the Simurghs song.


  • Yamada has taught Taylor relaxation excercises.


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