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Date posted 10 September 2013
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Cockroaches 28.5 is the fifth chapter of Cockroaches. The group fixes their craft, then visits the site of the Elite's destruction. The Endbringers upgrade. Cauldron is concerned, and the Five factions are solidified.


The group is chilling in the aftermath of the Yàngbǎns defeat. Swapping stories and catching up.

They then move to the ruins of the Elite city, devastated by leviathan. The Simurgh upgrades her sibling and from there the various prehuman groups talk about what they will be doing With Scion.

Cauldron berates the Undersiders and their allies for going after the Yàngbǎn and the Elite when both parahuman groups were limiting their actions to civilian populations and acquiring territory. Taylor rationalizes their actions by saying their targets were performing counter productive actions and going against parahuman custom.

The meeting concludes and defense plans are worked out for the next phase. Taylor wonders how many people are ready to stab them in the back.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Elite are defunct as a group. Actual casualties, fatalities and survivors are unknown.


  • The five factions as they are currently understood. This may be wrong.
    • handa
    • Cauldron with teachers group absorbed
    • Suits
    • Protectorate and Guild
    • Undersiders


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