Cockroaches 28.3
Date posted 5 September 2013
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Cockroaches 28.3 is the third chapter of Cockroaches. They plan to fight the Endbringers, Taylor goes and talks to Panacea. Lung joins her group, as does Shadow Stalker. They head to face Simurgh.


Taylor has a discussion with Defiant and members of the Undersiders about what to do with the situation. She has a talk with Tattletale about general strategy and the past and choices they made. They begin gathering materials.

Meeting at a field hospital they see the extent of the devastation and loss of life. Panacea is back amoung the sick and wounded healing people. Her Father is assisting. Taylor talks to panacea about their shared history and choices in life. Panacea gifts Taylor with new relay bugs that can breed. She also warns her about Lung.

Tattletale inadvertently convinces Lung to join the group by mentioning the Yàngbǎn.

Clamoring on board the Pendragon the combined undersiders Guild and various independent reprobates head in a dragon craft to confront the Simurgh.


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