Coalbelcher is a hardened super-villain.


As a prisoner he has fallen into that mentality, dealing with unswaying authority on one hand while trying to effect authority on his own.[1]

Through raw power, intimidation, or basic leadership he was able to be the head dog on the male side of the Prison.[2] [3]



He considered her a rival in the past.[4]


Has somehow wound up as "friends" with the guy.[5]


Was not friends with her but he could have a civil dialogue with her.


Coalbelcher is a heavy-set[6] relatively short man who has very short and uneven hair. His name sake stems from his mouth that looks carbonized from his power.[7] His spit is dark enough that it can act as an eye liner.[8] His clothing is usually stained and smeared by his power effects.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Coalbelcher can spray geyser of his carbonized spit at opponents in large amounts.[9] His spit is also highly combustible, allowing him to light it for explosive effects.[10] Additionally, he doesn't need to detonate all of his spit at once, but can leave behind flecks of it as a trap. He is also capable of making this spit in gaseous form.[11]

He also has some level of super strength, but not much in the way of durability.[12]



At some point banded with other fire-themed villains to go after Cinereal and unlike others was able to hold his ground.[4]

Gold MorningEdit

Presumably had a similar experience to everyone else.


Was re-incarcerated after mutilating an old rival,[13] allegedly over a belief that Coalbelcher did not deserve the Amnesty.

Eventually settles into his role in the prison.

Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Did not appreciate his meal being called off due to two upstarts claiming the Prison was about the be attacked.[14]

As many other freed prisoners he followed Red Queen and Cryptid to Earth Shin.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

During Gimel-Shin incident he assisted Cryptid.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Coalbelcher was present during the second Shin crisis.[15]


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    Why? Because he was thinking longer-term.

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