The Clockwork Dogs were a partnership of masterminds: Accord and Detente. Their first appearance in the story was during the Boston Games. The pair sought to form a partnership with other villain teams to take over Boston. Already, the Clockwork Dogs had notes of becoming the Ambassadors with well dressed henchmen joining them during villain meetings.

Modus operandiEdit

Similar to the Ambassadors, the Clockwork Dogs seek partnerships with those in power of a certain area. They then use this partnership to effect change, earn money, and gain more power. This is seen during a villain visit where Detente and Accord offered partnerships with the major and minor villain groups of Boston.[1]


Led by the partnership of Accord and Detente, the pair employed a line of henchmen and women. These employees were anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five years old, and dressed suitably for a cocktail party.[2]

PRT Response Edit

The PRT was aware that the 'Dogs were just part of a much larger player's game.[3]



The Clockwork Dogs participated in the Boston Games and were a major player during the events. Detente's later fate is unknown, but [4] the Clockwork Dogs metamorphosed into being exclusively Accord's Ambassadors.


Name Description
Accord Orderly-minded Thinker, the harder the problem the quicker he can find a solution.[5] Attired in white.
The Jewel of Boston[6] Mimic-assassin.
Henchmen specifics unknown

Trivia Edit

  • Unknown if the name is a reference to a band. Similarities exist with Accord's previous team WEDGDG, commonly known as Watchdog, given that watches typically need clockwork.


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  2. Eclipse x.2: The pair were a man of average height, skinny but for a protruding belly, and a short man, both with fine masks that looked tinker-made. Men and women that looked anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five stood behind them. Four people in clothes that looked more suited for a cocktail party with the rich and famous.
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