Cleat is a villain, who was a part of Prancers coalition.


Cleat is not considered particularly intelligent.[1]


Cleat wears armor that has multiple spikes on it.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Cleat has that ability to turn into a giant ball of spikes.[3]



Cleat was a low tier cape with some background in fighting rings and mercenary work. He was never particularly successful.[4]


Was a part of the group of villains residing in Hollow Point.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Was used as a flail by Trial, before being arrested.[5]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Was seen at the Lodge.[6]


  1. Three, if the messenger is the type to ignore my instructions, read the letter and try using that phrasing against you, then they’re liable to get hurt. That makes it clear I’m to be listened to. Cleat isn’t the brightest, and he could stand to learn that lesson.” - Excerpt from Glare 3.1
  2. Not anyone I recognized. A man in armor with spikes on it. Plate mail, and plate armor was hard to get done right, especially in this modern day. He carried no weapon I could see. Spiky plate armor wasn’t exactly original or new, either. - Excerpt from Flare 2.7
  3. Cleat balled up into a mass of spiked armor, then moved all at once, with a speed that surprised me. - Excerpt from Beacon 8.6
  4. The guy with the spikes might have been Cleat. A low-tier cape with some background in fighting rings and mercenary work. Unlike most in fighting rings, he’d never found enough success to get traction in other circles. Ironically. - Excerpt from Flare 2.7
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