Cinereal was the unconventional leader of Protectorate Department 39, Atlanta,[2] and is now an esteemed member of the Wardens. She later became The Ashen Titan.


Her trigger event and subsequent powers heavily influenced her personality. She does not usually talk to the press and has a no-nonsense attitude to leadership.[3] She's taciturn and impatient with the public, dislikes merchandising, and is known for essentially never retreating regardless of losses.[4]

She was known to being exceedingly stubborn, unfair, inpatient and unreasonable even in training environment.[5]


She has built up an excellent reputation despite - or perhaps because of - her caustic personality,[4] and is considered one of the top heroes in the Protectorate.[6] Villains often surrender or flee at the sight of her.[4]


Was very tough with her subordinates, expecting them to keep up with her.

Eric KingstonEdit

Saw talent in him.[7]


As a Ward, 'Ash Phoenix' had a flaming bird motif to her costume. This was eventually dropped, in favor of an ash gray and white design with few colorful embellishments that she uses as Cinereal.[8][9] She wore a mask that covered the upper part of her face.[9] Cinereal had a naturally intimidating posture and expression.[10]

As a Titan, she appears as a light gray figure with fiery hair. As with all Titans, she has no face, but the rest of her is more detailed.[11]


Cinereal is noted for her raw power and durability.[1][3]

Cinereal creates large amounts of particulate "ash" across an area, spreading it with waves and blasts as well as creating plumes from her body when struck or striking during combat. The sticky ash seeps into and strengthens nearby structures.[12] Her power was thus more effective when she remained in one location.[13] Once the ash is created, she has no ability to move it, but can absorb it into herself or ignite it (see below.)[12][14]

Cinereal can absorb and coat herself in the ash, consuming it in order to teleport and/or heal herself (which automatically kicks in if she is mortally injured.)[12] Once she has activated this breaker state, she is unable to leave the area of ash until she has used up all the ash in the area, in a time-consuming process that heals any injuries she took during the battle.[15] When she exits her breaker state, any nearby flames are simultaneously extinguished.[12]

As a leader she has always had a reputation for being a talent scout.[7]

'Fire' PowerEdit

Cinereal has another ability that she almost never uses - she can set herself and the nearby ash on fire, causing it to burn at 1100 degrees C and consuming it at a steady rate.[12]

She used this ability more liberally when she went by Ash Phoenix, but was forbidden from doing so for an extended period of time.[8]

The Ashen Titan gained a massive increase in range, in addition she now converts inorganic matter inside her range into the ash, and can fully control and shape the ash.[16]

The building, as well as other structures in her way, dissolve into ash dunes, however they are reconstructed once she leaves the area. The sheer amount of particulate dampens the sounds into near silence in her vicinity.[17]



She joined the Wards eight years ago.[4] During her Ward years and before re-branding, she was known as Ash Phoenix.[8] She was likely one of the PRT's 'success stories' with regards to raising tough Wards into good heroes.[10]

Two years into her career,[4] she was forced into a leadership position when the previous Protectorate leader of Atlanta killed himself. She proved herself apt and was allowed to keep her position in the team,[1] in contravention to traditional methods of advancement.[18]

Due to the limitations of her powers, she was never deployed against the original trio of Endbringers.[15][13]

At some point, a group of fire-themed villains that included Coalbelcher tried to band against her, and were thoroughly trounced.[19]

Gold MorningEdit

She was likely caught up in the event along with everyone else.


She survived the events of Gold Morning. Two years after the event, she had joined The Wardens, one of the Protectorate's successor organizations. She is considered one of the key members and has her own statue in HQ's lobby.[20]

Post-Fallen FallEdit

Cinereal was not one of the Wardens stranded by the portal sabotage. She appeared prominently with the remaining Wardens at the hero meeting that Dragon and Defiant held, though she was not communicative.[21]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

She returned from her deployment.[22] Along with Vista and Golem, Cinereal appeared at a meeting of teams involved in Breakthrough's hero network about what had happened to the Navigators. She opted to stay neutral with regards to how to address the attack.[23]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Cinereal was leading the assembly of the second assault team deploying against Teacher. She commanded one of the three teams.[24] She brought Vista and Golem with her for massive synergy.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Cinereal was in charge of the Wardens HQ during the Second Shin Crisis.[25]

The Ice BreaksEdit

When Fume Hood broken triggered, Cinereal was one of the multiple capes who also broken triggered and became a Titan. She flash-fried several heroes, that attempted to communicate with her.[26] Titan Fortuna attempted to form a connection with her,[27] and presumably succeeded. Ashen Titan arrived late to the fight with Titan Fortuna near Shin portal, but quickly went passive together with others Fortuna's Titans.[28]

Ashen Titan was augmented with Pouffe, mover titan, allowing them to wreak havoc all over the City. Dragon and Defiant made an effort to disable them, which culminated in the upper 3/4 of Ashen Titan being stranded near the New Boston.[29]


  • Cinereal's ash-phoenix motif is also heavily associated with her home city, Atlanta. The city has the Phoenix on its flag , and 'resurgens' (rising again) as its motto, a nod to the city's history. (Atlanta was partially burned down in Sherman's March to the Sea, and then rebuilt to what it is now.)
  • Cinereal is an old English word that comes from the Latin 'cinis,' which means and relates to ashes, specifically the dead cold heavy black ashes left after a fire.
    • Cinereal shares its root with the word 'incinerate', which means to reduce something to ashes.
  • Cinereal's flame is hotter than most magma. It's intense enough to soften steel[30] and to liquefy copper, gold, bronze, aluminum, and silver.[31]


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    When she moved on, it reconstituted as best as it could. Buildings were rebuilt, kind of. That which was lost to the cracks was gone and didn’t reconstitute, and because it tended to be material from the same areas, the reconstituted matter tended to be from one floor or one wall of a building. Buildings fell or were rebuilt on their sides. Where she herself was quieter than silent, muting and nullifying sounds in her vicinity with a constant background noise of powder brushing against powder, that silence didn’t extend to the crumbling buildings in her wake.

    There was a big danger in how those dunes and waves masked the cracks in reality. For people on the ground, it was easy to step into a valley between dunes, only to fall through, pulled beneath. Even where there were fliers or teleporters ready to catch anyone in a pinch, the ashen powder would block their view of the victim. There one second, gone the next.

    The other, bigger danger was that the powder was combustible. Selectively combustible. She barely seemed to care about me carving a furrow into her circle of powder, up until Colt flew past her, raking her with the blade hand.

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    And then they're working as a direct subordinate to other members of the Triumvirate for a short stint each time, which is a final series of checks and balances before they run their own Protectorate team.
    It's not a hard and fast rule. Some teams find leadership in other ways. But before a cape really gets branded and presented to the nation at large as 'leader of [city]'s Protectorate', they'll be vetted and tested and given time with the Triumvirate. Until then, it'll often be something along the lines of... sure, you're in charge of the team until someone says different, but don't go saying you're in charge and if someone asks you if you're leading the team, deflect or be sure to say it's temporary. - comment by WildBow on Reddit
  19. “Remind me who Coalbelcher is,” Vista said.

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    “Is Weld getting a statue?” Tristan asked.

    “Not for a while,” Sveta said. “That’s more for people who’ve put in the years, and he only just got in. He’s got a preliminary thing in the gift shop.” - Excerpt from Glare 3.6
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  22. The train had arrived. Soldiers returning from deployment. Capes wore civilian uniforms and casual clothes, and blended into the crowd. Her power identified the ones familiar to her, that she might not have otherwise recognized with their masks off or the obscuring details between the camera and the returning people.

    Stank Bank
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