Cinderhands, also known as C.H,[1] is a supervillain and Birdcage inmate.


Cinderhands has red hair that is shaved on the sides. He wears piercings in his nose and ears that were hand-crafted from scrap metal.[2] Marquis considered him a young man.[3]

His hands and arms are burned black up to his elbows, resembling a log gone cold in the fireplace.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Cinderhands could create fire from nothing that was capable of burning through bone.[4]


Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

He worked for Marquis in the Birdcage. After Marquis began keeping his daughter with him, Cinderhands began to question his decisions for the first time.[3]

Post-Echidna Edit

He was among the Birdcage inmates who watched the news regarding Skitter's Surrender and Taylor Hebert's new identity. He commented to Lung that the girl who had beaten him had now beaten Alexandria as well.[1]

Gold MorningEdit

He was present for the Rise of Khepri, and was among the first to join her army.[5]


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