Chugalug is mercenary who assisted Cradle on Earth N.




Chugalug and Barfbat are noted to enjoy working together.[1]


Chugalug is a being made of trash. He has been seen with a tail made out of trash bags.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Chugalug is a garbage processor, or trash changer. He gathers detrius and sewage into a body that can be configured into different forms. He gathers this trash by consuming or 'chugging' it, turning it into any solid, gas, or liquid that he may require, in far greater quantities than what was consumed.[2] He has some power synergy with Barfbat, whose superhuman vomit works as the kind of trash that adds to his body.[3]



Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Hired by Cradle to protect him in Earth N, along with an army of mercenaries.


  1. “You mentioned Barfbat.”

    “Yeah,” I confirmed.

    Moose nodded, as if encouraged by that, or just by being able to contribute something. “He’s decent. Strong, polite. Gets the job done. He likes to hang and work with Chugalug. If he’s here I’d bet money Chug is too.” Heavens 12.5
  2. Chugalug. Trash changer. He gathered garbage and sewage as a body he could configure into a few different forms. That trash was slowly consumed and turned into a material that would be, as required, solid, gas, or liquid, typically in quantities far greater than what was reasonable for what he’d absorbed. His namesake technique was from how he ‘gathered’ raw sewage to fill out his body. Moose had covered that. Heavens 12.6
  3. Barfbat settled on Chugalug, and the weight of him seemed to sink Chugalug, driving him incrementally down, down, down.

    Bending over, Barfbat shifted glands again, then emptied a seemingly endless stream of bile and vomit into Chugalug’s upturned face and open mouth.

    Trashbags mutliplied and swelled. A caterpillar-like tail extended out behind and below. Other debris like a halo of chicken bones and stringy matter expanded out around and behind Chugalug.

    Chugalug has showcased the ability to float, as he can inflate his trash bags with gas, and be buoyed by them. Heavens 12.7

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