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Arc 20
Chapter Count 7
Word Count 43,508
Date started
21 March 2013
Date finished
6 April 2013
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Chrysalis is the twentieth arc of Worm. It is preceded by Scourge and followed by Imago. Two weeks after Echidna, Taylor goes to high school for the last time.


Settling into her position as Warlord of Brockton Bay Taylor wakes up in her house, having returned to her civilian identity.

She is called back to deal with a situation in her territory, where she dispenses harsh justice. She is then called to Arcadia High to deal with a situation there.

After dealing with it, she gets into a confrontation with her former best friend. After a capable administer handles it, Taylor is informed that heroes are coming to arrest her.

She tries to sneak out but is eventually herded into the cafeteria with everyone else. Realizing that she had been pushed into a situation where all of her credibility would be destroyed if she tries to escape, Taylor instead reveals her identity and appeals to the students there.

They help her escape and Dragon helps, mentally crippling herself in the process. Later, news crews come to find out what happened.

A few days after that, Accord and his ambassadors arrive at a truce meeting with several other villainous groups. This meeting is hosted by the Undersiders and they lay down the law, showing how things have changed in Brockton Bay.

Later, Accord proves that in the grand scheme of things, nothing has changed.


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