Chronicler is a member of the Houston Wards.


Chronicler's costume has an emblem of a book with chains on his chest.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Creates a hazy field around himself and others, then copies whatever happened inside that field to another area.  He is also capable of flight. [2]



Dauntless saw him being delivered by Strider alongside Eidolon and the rest of the texans to fight Leviathan.[3]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Participated in the battle against Echidna.


  1. Queen 18.8
  2. "The one I took to be Chronicler was casting out a hazy field around himself and the other two with the guns. The field shifted, drifting closer to the ground, and then solidified in a semisolid image of the heroes, complete with the laser fire. A quick check with my bugs verified that the shots were just as real as what the real selves were creating. The aim wasn’t so hot. It was more of a replay of the actions they’d just taken than proper clones.

    Young Buck moved beneath Chronicler, and passed through the field as he turned into a beam. When the images appeared, they mimicked the same beam attack, their paths a perfect parallel to the real Young Buck." - Excerpt from Queen 18.8
  3. Heavens 12.none

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