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Chris Elman[3], known publicly as Cryptid,[4] is a post-Scion debutant hero. He is known at Parahumans Online as Mystery_Meat (and two dozen similar nicknames),


Chris described himself as an introvert. Capricorn noted that he rarely spoke up in online chat.[5] He knew how to use the advanced features of the PHO search function.[6][7] Further, he was able to work through school materials in a self-directed manner, helping him gain some semblance of an education.[8]

His personality is occluded, as his constant changing of forms also affects his mind.[9]

Because of the nature of his power, he developed some morbid interests.[10]

He is extremely sensitive about his privacy and boundaries, which results in him being overly controlling in his civilian life.[11] On the internet, it made him quite adept at sockpuppeting and information hygiene.[12]


Chris has 32 individual PHO accounts, which he rotates through.[13] Known examples include:

  • Strange_Mammal[14]
  • Questionable_Mammal[7]
  • Questionable_Cephalopod[15]
  • Curious_Cephalopod[15]
  • Weird_Cephalopod[16]
  • Weird_Insect[17]

Chris has a program set up to duplicate his preferences between different accounts on PHO. He claimed that it was helping him "find out things" regarding an individual or individuals he believed was surveilling him.[18] He also said that the different usernames correspond to physical transformations he underwent.[19] Chris later claimed that the entire thing was a ruse designed to draw out Heart_Shaped_Pupil's snooping tendencies.[20]



Chris has pushed back against Kenzie's constant prying and surveillance, even setting up ruses to catch her in the action.[18][15] They did get along sometimes, particularly when Chris was using Wan Indulgence or a similar transformation.



Sees her as a mother figure.


Chris loaned him video games.[21]

Said that he liked him better then other members of the chatroom group, and was willing to share tinkertech medical supplies with Rain if it meant saving his life.[22]

Appearance & Powers[]

On at least one occasion, he provided a verification image for his account "Curious_Cephalopod" that appeared to be a literal cephalopod. He indicated, falsely, that his transformations followed a known schedule, and that he would be an insect in a few days.[19]

Chris has brown curly hair and large braces.[23][24] As he changes between his forms he constantly needs to adjust the braces.[25] The need in braces is permanent, since he reverts to his original form after transformations, re-ruining his teeth.[26] With each form, he rotates through a small but permanent change occurs with his body, an addition in one area that causes a subtraction in another.[27]

As Cryptid, Chris used eight core forms[28] each tied to his emotional state with strengths and weaknesses inherent in each of them, which combine with secondary modifiers that add altered characteristics.[29] Further, he can combine traits from different forms into a hybrid form with hybridized abilities.[30]

If Chris doesn't use his whole range of emotional forms, such as trying to stay in one too long, he claims it negatively impacts his psychology and train of thought.[31] These changes can be euphoric in how they affect his mood, he likens it to a narcotic.[28]

His exposure to his own monstrous forms allegedly gives him resistances to horrific mind effecting powers.[32]

He has claimed to have two transformations a day, although on one occasion he has been seen to transform three times in one day.[citation needed]

Known Forms
Name Description
Wan Indulgence Humanoid giant with a pot-belly, small head and thick limbs. Has the ability to swallow large objects[33] and re-shape the materials.[34][35][36]
Mad Anxiety A horrible screaming[37] face taller than the average person and twice as wide, completely cheekless. The lower jaw is attached to the rest of the face the way an insect is attached to a thorax. Innumerable legs that look to be made out of pure muscle provide locomotion while a few claw at his face.[38]Something similar called Creeping Anxiety is mentioned by Kenzie[39]Mad Anxiety might be a combination of Creeping Anxiety and "mad twitchiness".[29]
Keen Vigilance Perception-focused, with "a fresh set of eyes".[40] Slow but tough; described as an "armadillo with ears like a fennec fox and bigger eyes [...] and claws because its keen". On the same "spectrum" as Multifaceted Interest "but focused more and pulled together tight".[41] Slow but tough, with sharp senses.[42] Vaguely armadillo-like, with large eyes and ears. Can extrude blades composed of bone and steel. [43]
Deep Reflection[44] Victoria remembered this as Dark introspection. Crow-like and coil-shaped with layers of hard, protective feathers and scales. [45] It has a disconnect between body and mind, allowing resistance to mind-affecting effects.[46]
Strained Peace[47] Peace as in happiness. A tall, gaunt-limbed, bearded form hampered by a "shroud" made of loose skin that conceals its pot-bellied torso.[48]
Brooding Anger[49] [50] Based on Nursery[51]
Twisted Betrayal[52] gnarled and vaguely birdlike, with a free-swinging head as if its neck had been broken; razor-sharp beak and talons [53]
Known Modifiers
Mad Twitchiness Used in Mad Anxiety to give the anxiety "motive" rather than being paralysing.[29]
Strained Used in Strained Peace. Lowers stamina and strength, increases speed and durability. Results in "faster reactions and movements in a pinch, like I’m made of elastic bands that are all taut, ready to release, or I’m a gun with a trigger that needs only a light touch to fire."[48]
Anxiety Probably a synonym for "fear". Kenzie notes that "Anxiety is quick but fragile",[30] but Chris says it's "paralysing" without Mad Twitchiness.[29]
Other Mentioned Forms
Quiet Awe[47] Used for relaxation purposes.[54]
Sudden Shock Noted to be fast.[55]
Blind rage Mentioned by Chris.[56]
Wistful Distraction Mentioned by Kenzie[30]
Creeping Anxiety Mentioned by Kenzie[30]
Multifaceted Interest Similar to Keen Vigilance but with more senses.[57]
Repressed Anger Mentioned by Chris as an example of the "Strained" modifier.
Tense Acceptance Mentioned by Chris as an example of the "Strained" modifier.
Paralyzed Fear Mentioned by Chris as an example of the "Strained" modifier.
Stifled Disgust Mentioned by Chris as an example of the "Strained" modifier.

He claimed being able to fix Case 53s.[58]


He generally carries around medical supplies(including injectors) along with videogames and a walkmen, which he says were provided by others to ensure any transformation he undergoes is not the last one[59] and to stave off boredom respectively.[60] In actuality, these injectors are his own tinker creation and the cause of his transformations,[61] with the game unit functioning as a Tinker scanner for powers and similar.[62][63]



Claimed that he triggered after Gold Morning.[64]

In reality, his earliest memories were about fighting off Breed spawns and escaping decontamination, since he was created by Lab Rat as an emergency survival measure at the start of the Gold Morning. Though he did not fully align himself to his progenitor until later - an uncomfortable process, forced on him by imperatives designed into his body, which he eventually escaped from midway through.[61]

By his own admission, he was once involved in involuntary manslaughter.[65]  This is most likely a reference to the couple that followed Chris into Lab Rat's lair, only to be killed by the security system.


Strange_Mammal joined a team of parahumans.

They successfully enticed Heart_Shaped_Pupil into revealing that they had been reading Strange_Mammal's chatlogs.[20] This revelation did not cause Strange_Mammal to leave the group.[16]

At some point, he gets confronted by Jessica Yamada about his lies. Chris claims that it is a matter of survival for him.[61]


Attending therapy with the rest of the group. He is working his way through study packets provided by the education system instead of actually going to class.[8]

Met the coach, was not impressed.

Was a major factor in the survival of Rain.

Post-Fallen Fall[]

The overuse of his abilities 'damaged' his body.[66]

Assisted Marquis with treating a suspect, was competent.[67]

Cryptid had the gall to play games with the Goddess,[68] when she took the lead of Breakthrough.

Tried to attack Goddess with one of his forms but she dealt with the situation and sent him off on an errand.

He would meet up with Amy and they were able to persuade Goddess's wayward clustermate to join them and head to the prison Goddess was in the process of usurping.

He left for Earth Shin with his Red Queen.[69]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

In the wake of Navigators-related ambushes, his dossier gets delivered to Victoria Dallon.

Was spotted on New Zealand.Shin alongside Amy and Marquis revising local parahumans and preparing government transition.[70]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Chris joined Amy, Marquis, and Spruce in meeting Breakthrough when they visited Shin.[71]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Delivered news about Teacher's end and Breakthrough being admitted into the upper league.[72] Was given the go-ahead on his preparations from The Red Queen.[73]

When The Ice Breaks SDI labs was destroyed. Albeit, Chris was able to recover some equipment.[74]

The Ice Breaks[]

Chris continued protecting Shin against Titan Arachne with the remainder of SDI.[75] He rerouted the majority of giants against Titan Fortuna, once she brought her attention to Earth Shin portal. Chris met Breakthrough again.[76][77]

Chris additionally empowered his Giants to counter newborn Titans, that immediately started slaughtering heroes. He even resorted to empowering The Mathers Giant, with some help with syringe delivery from Sveta Karelia. Chris also healed Victoria Dallon from mutations given by an abrupt contact with Titan Ophion and told her about the clone-skinpatch that Amy Dallon stole.[78]

He followed Sveta and Byron Vera to the Shardrealm, re-joining Breakthrough near Contessa's crystal.[79] Chris provided some healing for Tristan on their way there.[80]

Chris was targeted by The Simurgh's manipulations.[81] He participated in the Wardens' battles with The Simurgh and Machine Army, and brought SDI with him.[82] He agreed to execute Victoria's plan through collab with Bonesaw.[83] Cryptid eventually arrived to the labs together with wounded Victoria and Byron. Faced with the severity of their injuries he begrudgingly shared some of his reserves. Seconds later Chris lost contact with The Mathers Giant. Victoria volunteered to deal with it and suggested him to switch to his bird form.[84]

Despite the Simurgh being driven out of The Wardens' Complex, Chris walked out of his arrangement with Victoria, and had a short scuffle with her and Rain. He also started spreading half-truths about the plan to safeguard himself from possible retaliation and sabotage it further.

Following the consultation with Jessica Yamada and Riley Davis, the Wardens decided to try to capture Chris, before he would have an opportunity to interfere with the Victoria's plague deployment further.[85] Chris managed to evade the capture until the plague had its effect.[86]

Ward Epilogue[]

Chris was eventually captured, and remained imprisoned at the end of winter of Y3. With Kenzie Martin visiting him daily.[87]


  • When "Chris Elman" read backwards it is pronounced very close to "Nameless Irk".

Fanart Gallery[]


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    He screamed at them, and it was the sound of mortal terror. He’d succeeded in getting Love Lost and Nailbiter’s attention, and now huddled at the foot of a building, pulling against it as if he could pull himself through the seam between sidewalk and store. They didn’t seem to know what to make of him. I didn’t blame them. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.3
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    Creepy Kid:
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    It was only because his eyes were spaced out that he could rotate them and look out to the sides, each eye yellow with a distorted pupil.

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    “You’re a selfish asshole,” Sveta said.

    “I am. Absolutely. And the irony is that as much as you want normal pink and brown human bodies I want as far the fuck away from humanity as is possible. I have since the beginning, when I realized just how sick we all are. Put me on a space shuttle, let me be a snake that literally eats its own tail forever, let me be a spider with fifty brains. I don’t care. Just…
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  59. Pitch 6.5
  60. “What is that?” I asked.

    “Food. Because I need to fuel up, and my next form is dense. Some meds. Plus my walkman and pocket atari, and some other stuff. I was sorting out my stuff after getting dressed again.”

    Walkman?” Capricorn asked.

    “We’re post-end of the world, I’m not going to bring my phone and risk it getting broken or losing it and having someone use it to figure out my secret identity. Fuck, it’s hard to see it now that it’s not on me.”

    “You can’t bring all this stuff,” Capricorn said.

    “Fuck off,” Chris replied. “I do things how I do them.” - Excerpt from Shadow 5.11
  61. 61.0 61.1 61.2 Interlude 10.y II
  62. Others were scattered around the room. Some boys were in Chris’ old corner, having found and started up some of his old games. One had been given to Kenzie- it wasn’t a video game player, but a scanner. She would dismantle it later. - Excerpt from Blinding 11.4
  63. “Chevalier. Courtesy of one trip Breakthrough made to the Warden’s Headquarters. I had my ‘gaming device’ with me. Stole a scan of the big man.” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.z II
  64. “Yeah,” he said, as if I’d said something very heavy, and he’d felt part of that weight. “I feel like I’ve been trying to get a handle on things since I got my powers.”

    “For a while now, then? If I can ask?”

    “Just under a year ago,” he said. “I think, along with Chris, I’m the rookie here.”

    Post-Gold Morning. That helped put things in context.

    Chris, too. By process of elimination, he’d be the boy roughly Kenzie’s age. - Excerpt from Flare 2.5
  65. Ashley shook her head. She looked the way Victoria had gone. “She hasn’t killed anyone before, if I had to guess.”

    “Just Victoria and the kids, then.”

    “Just Victoria and Kenzie,” Chris said.

    Rain looked at Chris. Chris shrugged. “Accidental.” - Excerpt from Interlude 4c II
  66. Torch 7.8
  67. Torch 7.9
  68. “He came to me with a form prepared to counter me. And that is, as far as I detected, only one of three levels of deception that boy was putting into practice. You don’t want to tell me that you’re following his suit.” - Excerpt from Gleaming 9.9
  69. Gleaming 9.15
  70. Blinding 11.2
  71. Breaking 14.5
  72. “Teacher’s out of the running. His thralls all got their brains back. According to a very talkative little kid who insists on sending me updates after we’ve parted ways, Breakthrough -that’s ah, my old team, The Red Queen’s sister- are now fully in.” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.y II
  73. Interlude 16.y II
  74. Sundown 17.z
  75. Lab Rat was digging his heels in, using the giants my sister had helped create to protect Shin from Arachne. Hunter. - Excerpt from Radiation 18.9
  76. Infrared 19.4
  77. Infrared 19.5
  78. Infrared 19.6
  79. Infrared 19.7
  80. “Did you get healing?” I asked.
    “From Chris,” he said. “It’s not total, but… I fucked up, because I was too slow, I couldn’t risk doing that again. I- I’ll get into it later.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.8
  81. Infrared 19.z
  82. Last 20.1
  83. Last 20.2
  84. Last 20.4
  85. “And Chris?”

    “They’re going to hunt him down. [...] He was spreading half-truths and they asked Jessica, who asked Riley, who said he was a problem. They’ll imprison him and take away his stuff if they can. Jessica said to, I think, as a compromise.” - Excerpt from Last 20.10
  86. Last 20.b
  87. Last 20.e4

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