Chopshop is a member of the Anchorage faction of the Tuurngait.


The thug has a temper is short and he is rude to everyone. He plays the Brute very well.

Acts as the field leader of the Spirits, his diplomatic and amicable able to hold the group together and negotiate with enemies.[2] Justifies his illegal actions as the research he needs to get prepare for an engagement with the Endbringers.[1]


Is in the form of an abomination of flash and metal. appearance changes intermittently.

A charming and unassuming man of Armenian extraction, standing at six foot, two inches.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Chopshop is a gargantuan brute the size of a small building. He is capable of lifting a train car, shrugging off wounds with little bleeding, apparent immunity or resistance to pain on mechanical parts.

In actuality a Tinker his creations work best the larger they are. He has three working Chopshop models. On top of Chopshop Derian is able to create drones that take the form of remote controlled pickup trucks.[3]



Was a refugee who came to Anchorage to escape, as many people do.[3]

PRT QuestEdit

Was the field commander for his team and he pretends to be the brute.

Was the only survivor when the elite came calling.


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