The Chinese Union-Imperial or CUI is a country with borders similar to Earth Aleph's China.


Presumably analogous to earth aleph but parahumans have probably altered the landscape.



The successor government to the People's Republic of China. How it actually formed is unknown but is likely tied to The Yàngbǎn.


The countries government model showed its weakness when heir to the Union-Imperial was killed with the attack on Flight BA178 on November 25th, 2011.[1] This caused an escalation of tensions between the CUI the US and the UK.[2]


A war broke out between the Union and Thailand or as it was now called New Siam. This conflict eventually called in other nations with the United States siding with New Siam while Red Gauntlet of Russia sided with the CUI, with unspecified support from other Russian parahuman factions.[3]

At some point, the North Korean regime likely collapsed, and the CUI expanded into part of the Korean Peninsula.[4]

Gold MorningEdit

During Gold Morning they were recorded as attacking several refugee settlements with their Yàngbǎn infiltration squads. They were later subdued by Ziz. They were able to keep the world they fled to, secured through an alliance with Teacher.


The imperial family is the head of state, they are supported by the Yàngbǎn. The explicit head of government is unknown. The country comprises of hundreds of millions of citizens.

Much like other countries in Asia, the CUI suffers from endemic anti-parahuman sentiment. Capes get hunted and conscripted/killed by government forces or other capes.[5] As a result, the ratio of capes to non-capes is significantly lower in the CUI as compared to America.[6] Note, due to the higher population of China as compared to America, this does not mean the CUI necessarily has less parahumans in total.

The CUI's culture around capes is such that they have a governmental team, and there are really strict rules for expectations of capes, such that non-government capes are set up to lose [7].

Points of InterestEdit

The Chinese parahuman prison which hosted Lung for a brief amount of time.


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    America/CUI conflict 2012 A
    UK/CUI Conflict 2012 A
    America/CUI conflict 2012 B
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    Wildbow I haven't really dwelt on it, except to say that the CUI has pushed out against its neighbors, through Korea and at Thailand.  I forget the particulars & haven't committed them to memory.

    Would have to crack open the worm bible and am not 100% that I recorded it all in detail there, either.
  5. Wildbowon IRC:
    Wildbow @ Edqu - In Asia in general (esp. Russia, CUI) there's a more endemic anti-parahuman sentiment.  Capes get hunted and conscripted/killed by government forces or other capes.
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    edqu: does china have a similar ratio of capes to non capes as america? like, is the ratio within 40% of what it is in america?
    Wildbow: No.
    edqu: are there more capes in china in terms of ratio?
    Wildbow: No
  7. Wildbow on IRC:
    Wildbow: China, Singapore (and other places) it's more a governmental team with really strict rules for expectations of capes, such that non-government capes are set up to lose.

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