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Chicago is a city in the Mid-Western United States and the home of PRT Department 4.[1] It was the second city that played host to Taylor Hebert.

Government and heroic organizations[]


  • Director Hearthrow: Director of the local PRT by the time that Weaver arrived.

The Protectorate[]

Name Description
Myrddin Leader of the Chicago Protectorate and important member of the National Protectorate
Revel Second in command and later successor to Myrddin.
Anomaly Creates sphere that defies physics.
Campanile Jokester and giant shifter
Shuffle Teleporter on landscapes
Brazier[2] unknown
Gauss[2] unknown

The Wards[]

Name Description
Tecton Team Leader
Annex Shaker
Golem Son of Kaiser
Cuff Metal Manipulator
Grace Martial artist and Cluster Cape
Weaver Former Villain Skitter
Romp Former Villain Mockshow
Raymancer Blaster


After recruiting a new member they reordered into a more effective group.[3]


The Folk[]

Main article: The Folk

Group that makes sure everyone can get along.

Unnamed Asian Organization[]

Unknown semi-criminal organization.[4]



The Folk was a decade-long fixture of the villain scene.[5][6]


Unknown how long Myrddin was a part of the Protectorate there.

Members deployed to Madison.


Major criminal organizations were attacked as part of a plan by Weaver and Tecton.[7]


Gold Morning[]

Entered the event intact it is unknown what happened long term.


  1. The largest 65 cities in the United States host individual departments as of 2012. They are numbered accordingly, in order of decreasing size.


    4 Chicago - PRT Master Reference
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  3. Actually the Chicago Wards had a pretty concrete team dynamic. Three heavy hitters to provide cover and protection for their long ranged combatant. The members of the Chicago Wards who weren’t present only build on that to a degree.

    But the Wards as a whole are more of a first step – it’d be more likely that a Protectorate team would move members around or exchange members with other teams as needed (such as how Vegas formed its team) to fit a certain role or dynamic, or to fill holes in the team makeup. The team members who aren’t about to move (ties to the city, for example) may have more trouble moving up the ladder, but the team works around them. - Comment by Wildbow on Drone 23.2
  4. They had a different plan in mind. They reversed direction and headed straight for a restaurant with a sign showing a gold dragon against a red background.

    “Grace,” I said. “Wei shu wu? Does typing it into the computer turn up anything?”

    A cover business for a group with affiliations to the Folk,” Revel volunteered.

    “We safe to harass them, or-”

    “No. They have people with powers, and that’s beyond the scope of this manhunt.” - Excerpt from Scarab 25.3
  5. Simply making sure we were in the right place at the right time, luring a local power into a fight, with a plan already in mind…
    “Tecton,” I called out, as my eyes fell on a portrait of a supervillain with a mask of an upside-down face. An established power, located at the city’s edge for nearly ten years.
    Too established? I didn’t want to set another ABB fiasco in motion. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.2
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