The Chatroom Group is a team of parahumans from all walks of life.

Modus operandiEdit

Chris stated that "the reason for this project is supposed to be we know each other".[1] They did not yet consider themselves a team, but rather in the process of forming one.[2] Outside of meet-ups, they coordinated primarily via the Parahumans Online chat.


Name PHO Username Description
Ashley Mangled_Wings A former villain gaining her footing in the new world.



[1] Questionable_Mammal[4]

A secretive and mysterious Changer.
Kenzie M.[8] Heart_Shaped_Pupil A young but terrifyingly powerful Tinker and former Ward.
"R" of5 A Grab-Bag Cape looking for safety.
"S" Space_Squid/Kraken_in_a_Jar A Case 53 parahuman trying to make up for her past.
Tristan[9] and "Boo"[10][11] Cap Capricorn, a former superhero from Team Reach.



As they got to know each other, the group eventually decided to form a hero team together, discussing the matter on the newly set up Parahumans Online forum. Tristan (screen name Capricorn), Chris (Strange_Mammal), and Kenzie (Heart_Shaped_Pupil) were the first to join the chat. Ashley (Mangled_Wings) was then invited by Chris on August 19th after making her account.[1] However, she disconnected after he mentioned proof that she had lied about a minor detail.

The next day, Rain (of5) connected to the chat and discussed help with the PHO search function. Chris mentioned that he had video games to give him at the next meeting.[4]. Half of the group at that point seemed to be busy with research and scouring the network for information.

By August 22nd, Ashley had rejoined the group chat.[5] At August 24th, the final member, Sveta (screen name Kraken_in_a_Jar) joined the chat.[7]


  • Since they lacked a name, the fanbase has referred to the group as Team Therapy, Group Therapy and Misfits Toys, among other inventive names.


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