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Chastity Vasil is a daughter of Heartbreaker and an older member of the Heartbroken.


Chastity is a relentless flirt. She takes love very seriously, to the point where if Precipice had made a move on her after telling her of his love for Erin, she would have made sure he suffered for it.[2]


Candy Vasil[]

Candy is Chastity's only full sibling in the Heartbroken. They regularly tease each other.[3]


They are very close friends.[4]


Chastity has wavy black hair like most of her siblings. She wears makeup and dresses in somewhat revealing clothing even in cold weather, which Victoria suspected was an intentional and strategic choice.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Chastity has a Striker power which manifests as a dark blue glow around her hands.[5] Upon making contact with a person, Chastity can inflict 'distilled defeat' upon them, usually taking that person out of the battle. Each person she affects appears to cause one of her fingernails to glow.[6]

The severity of Chastity's power is affected by how powerful she is in her target's eyes; the more confident she appears to her target, the longer and stronger her power hits. If opinion of her is taken down, the effect dissipates, and Chastity suffers herself.[7]

Chastity has a secondary Thinker power that allows her to sense the bodies of people in close vicinity of her.[8] This sense also appears to apply to those she uses her power on. This serves to assist her aim with her primary power.[9][10]


Separate from her power, Chastity carries a whip, which she uses in combat to distract and repel enemies.[11] She also wears a lot of heavy jewelry.[12]



Was raised in the house of Heartbreaker.

Heartbreaker broke her mother when he was done with her, by permanently making her terrified of other human beings, and forcing her to live by herself in the wilderness as a hermit.[2]

Something similar also happened to Chastity's first boyfriend.[13]


Was adopted by Imp, after the assassination of Heartbreaker.

At some point after that she had to be tracked by the Undersiders after kidnapping some fool.[14]

Gold Morning[]

Survived Gold Morning.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Assisted Breakthrough with their mission to gather intel on Love Lost[2], and later in the night during the retaliation on Cradle. Her power was used to keep captives under control, as well as to pry Rain out of his forced dream prematurely. In the final part of the fight she was able to get her hands on Cradle's whip and cut Cretan in half, which in order forced Cradle to give away the method of fixing the maimed.[15]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Welcomed Breakthrough back from Earth Shin. Herded The Heartbroken to The Wardens assembly.

Fought alongside Breakthrough during the second Wardens' assault on Teacher's Compound.

The Ice Breaks[]

Chastity was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight duty of Titan Oberon and Eve. During the battle of titans she protected the rear group from Eve's maggots.[16] She was saved by Antares, Foil and Parian when they were forced to retreat.[17]

Once Titans proved to be too dangerous and numerous for Imp and The Heartbroken, they retreated to The Wardens' compound and stayed near The Chicken Tenders. Chastity was present at Lookout's outburst following Tristan Vera death.[18]

During The Simurgh's attack on The Wardens headquarters Chastity was on a guard duty, patrolling for violently mad individuals.[19] She took a heavy blow to the head and was incapacitated when the Simurgh took over The Mathers Giant.[20][21]


  • Chastity is a smoker, a habit she dropped after Gold Morning.  She still gets cravings occasionally.
  • In relation to Cassie, Chastity considers herself the yang (masculine/overt/active) in comparison to Cassie's yin (feminine/covert/passive).

Fanart Gallery[]


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