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Charlotte was a schoolmate of Taylor Hebert, who later became one of Skitter's top lieutenants.


Charlotte displayed a general kindness and goodwill towards others, and a distaste for violence; she considered herself to be meek and cowardly.[1][2] She was generally uncomfortable with confrontation, and would not often take actions in opposition to anyone else, having a passive role where she would usually obey those acting as authority. Due to her experience at the hands of the Merchants, she was deeply troubled when dealing with aggressive men or crowds, amplified by her general tendency to be intimidated easily.[3]


Taylor Hebert[]

In her first conversation with Taylor, she was berated for her passive nature regarding the 'locker' incident. She regretted not helping Taylor at all, indicating that Emma had scared her enough to dissuade her from even reporting the incident anonymously.[4]

Despite this, Charlotte eventually got on well with Taylor, and was entrusted by to manage her territory. She was good with children, and watched over the orphans in the Boardwalk.[5] She appreciated Taylor's care for her community, but could not entirely justify her actions[6], feeling uneasy about her use of violence.[7]


They were often seen together caring for the orphaned children of Skitter's territory.

According to Cassie, they became a happy couple.

Sierra Kiley[]

Charlotte considered Sierra a friend, and greeted her warmly after not seeing each other for some time.[8]


Charlotte is a dark haired girl and was considered attractive by her peers.[9]

Abilities and Powers[]

Charlotte is a normal standard human but has good organizational skills and is able to keep a large amount of people focused and on task. Trusted to administrate the Boardwalk in Skitter's absence



Charlotte was Jewish, living in Brockton Bay with her extended family[10]. She attended Winslow High. Charlotte was among the many who witnessed Sophia Hess forcing Taylor Hebert into her own locker, but kept quiet about it.[11]


When Leviathan attacked, Charlotte's family was unable to evacuate because her grandfather refused to leave.[10] In the aftermath, Charlotte was captured by the Merchants.[12]

During her attempt to rescue Bryce, Taylor saw Charlotte on display and in a moment of pity persuaded Lisa to order one of her soldiers, Minor, to free her. Charlotte was grateful, but recognized Taylor as "the locker girl" before going into detail about what happened. Taylor was angry, but still decided to let Charlotte come along.[11] When the Merchant event devolved into a brawl, Charlotte witnessed Taylor and Lisa pass out at the same time as Skidmark and the other capes, and started to become suspicious.[13] After seeing Taylor demonstrate her powers to Newter, her suspicions were confirmed.[14]

Afterwards, Charlotte was recruited by Taylor, and became the second of Taylor's recruits; she eventually would become one of her top lieutenants.[5]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Charlotte took to looking after the orphans left in the wake of the Slaughterhouse Nine.[5]


Charlotte was present at the Arcadia High when Dragon and Defiant publicly outed Taylor as a cape.

Following Taylor's decision to become a hero, when reporters showed up at the Boardwalk to investigate Skitter's past, Charlotte asked them to leave, saying that they wanted to be left alone.[15] The crowd made her uncomfortable, reminding her of prior events, and she left, later encountering Danny Hebert and discussing Taylor with him.


She was there when Tattletale put all the pieces together regarding the Entities.[16]

Gold Morning[]

Along with Forrest and Sierra, Charlotte was present in Earth Gimel as Gold Morning began, watching the kids. She saw Weaver for the first time in a year and a half as she and Tattletale headed into the Cauldron meeting, but remained silent.[17]

Despite having a hard time in the devastation from the opening hours of Gold Morning, she told Taylor that she and the children were doing well. When Doctor Mother and Contessa were going through the refugee camps and offering vials which they claimed would grant powers, Forrest and Charlotte turned them down, wanting to be there for the children.[18] Charlotte said that she wasn't much of a fighter, and didn't think she would be able to help much if she had powers.[1]

Along with Forrest and the children, Charlotte was at the reunion meeting of the Undersiders months after Gold Morning ended, to toast the savior of the multiverse.[19]

The Ice Breaks[]

Charlotte and Forrest were invited by Imp to help with the kids.[20]

Chapter Appearances[]

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