Changer is one of the twelve power classifications created by the PRT still in modern day use.[1] It’s one of the most recently changed ratings, absorbing the old Shifter classification.[2] As such, the terms Changer and Shifter are often used interchangeably.[3] Changers have the ability to alter their physical form.[4]


Changers can alter their form, appearance, or natural abilities through some form of manipulation of their own bodies.[5]


They exploit this in a various ways, including, but not limited to:

  • The power to grow extra weapons[6] or armor.[7]
  • The ability to streamline one’s body, allowing for improved movement and evasion,[8] often used for infiltration.[9]
  • The ability to alter ones appearance or to alter one's human features, as found in the old Shifter classification.[10]
  • The use of self-targeted biokinesis, possibly to heal oneself.[11]

The Changer rating does not include new powers beyond natural weapons, armor, or durability.[5]

Trigger eventsEdit

Changers arise from mental and emotional issues involving identity or body image, or from conflicts involving constraining social expectations.[4]

Common combinations with other ratingsEdit

Changer classifications are often paired with mover classifications, and can easily get into the stranger classification if the parahuman can change their apearance for stealth or assuming false identities.  With a changer like Lung, for example (changer, brute, mover because of his wings, blaster because of pyrokinesis, thinker because of enhanced hearing) they could easily be a brute or even a thinker if changing form gives them enhanced senses and awareness.

PRT countermeasuresEdit

The PRT recommends team use sustained focus fire when dealing with Changers, but considers them a low priority target when all numbers are assumed to be equal, the second to lowest priority classification.[12] Unlike most other classifications, the Changer rating has no additional countermeasures for a rating of nine or higher.[5]

Threat level Additional measures
  • The team is notified as to Changer classification.[5]
  • Basic ‘eyes on’ protocols are initiated, with team members maintaining constant eye contact with one another, while also keeping eyes on the Changer.[5]
  • Changers are never assumed to be unarmed.[5]
  • Full eyes on protocols and verbal passwords are put into effect.[5]
  • No facility, locked down or otherwise, is assumed to be impregnable.[5]

Known ChangersEdit

Note: This list describes the Changer classifications and Changer aspects of different parahumans. For a full overview of their abilities, please check their individual pages.

Name Known ratings Power description
Acidbath Breaker[13]/Changer (Blaster, Striker, Mover)[14] Can turn into, sling blasts of, and move as a tidal wave of acid.[14]
Biter Changer[15] Can distort the size of individual body parts.[16]
Blasto Tinker 6 (Master 5, Blaster 2, Changer 2, Brute 2)[17] Produces plant-hybrid minions.[18]
The Blue Bomber Changer/Brute[19] Can assume three different forms. One tall and rubbery, one thin and metallic and one muscular and brutish.[19]
Deviant Changer[20] Can manifest changes in reaction to wounds, but the changes are to areas far from the wound site.[20]
Echidna Master/Striker 10, Brute 8, Changer 2,[21] Thinker,[22] Trump/Master[23] Grows larger and stronger and gains more limbs by feeding.[24]
Fog Changer 8[25] (Shaker, Stranger)[26], possibly Breaker[27] Transforms into mist with varying solidity, with the ability to erode living matter.[28]
Genoscythe Changer[29] Creates scythe blades out of hands.[29]
Hookwolf Changer 4, Brute 7[30] Can replace parts of his body with metal shapes comprised of blades, hooks and needle points, all violently shuffling next to each other.[31]
Marquis Shaker, Changer[32] Capable of manipulating bones, including his and any exposed bone of his enemies.[32]
Mog Changer, Brute[33] Can absorb impacts and utilizes the energy to trigger physical changes, including new features, armor and weaponry.[34]
Mush Changer 4[35][36] Capable of absorbing masses of loose material and debris to form a protective, shapeshifting shell of trash, dirt and loose matter.[37]
Night Breaker 9, possibly Stranger 3[25][27] Can transform into an inhuman creature with enhanced speed and strength and a nigh-invincible exterior, but only when unobserved by conventional sight.[38]
Oliver Changer (low)[23] Has an appearance that changes to match his basic perception of attractiveness.[39]
Skinslip Changer[40] Can manipulate his own skin and staple the skin of others to his own.[40]
Trainwreck Changer,[41][35] Tinker[42] Capable of absorbing material, similar to Mush, but without the ability to reintegrate into human form and the ability to move parts easily.[41]
Weld Brute, Changer[43] Has the ability to absorb metal and incorporate it into his biology, giving him metal flesh and rendering him nigh-indestructible.[44]
Wendigo Changer/Breaker[45] Has a body composed of a space-warping effect, which lingers throughout his general area. Can channel this effect through touch.[45]


  • Costumes and other clothes are prone to damage if their power isn't sufficiently accommodating.[46]


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    Mover, Shaker,
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    Master, Tinker,
    Blaster and Thinker,

    Striker, Changer,
    Trump and Stranger.
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    Threat level 2+:  Team is notified as to Changer classification.  Basic ‘eyes on’ protocols initiated, with team members maintaining constant eye contact with one another, and eyes on the changer.  Changer is never assumed to be unarmed.
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    The Simurgh is another case of a tinker as a secondary power. Picked up details from tinkers and executed it via. a thinker/trump sort of approach. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
  43. He was classified as a brute and changer, classifications meant for the unnaturally tough and strong and for those who could change their shape to some extent, respectively. He never liked the word brute being applied to him, even though he was aware that the labels had originally been intended for the PRT teams to identify and label villains, specifically. It was only later that they had been extended to identifying the heroes as well. - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.1
  44. Weld – Once the forerunner of a new phase in the Protectorate’s plan to acclimatize the public to capes, Weld was to be the ‘face’ of the more monstrous or unusual capes, taking over the Wards, with plans to eventually have him lead a city’s Protectorate team. Left the Wards following the revelations about Eidolon and Alexandria’s involvement with Cauldron. Now leads the Irregulars. Weld has metal flesh, a consequence of his ability to absorb metal and incorporate it into his biology. This renders him nigh-indestructible and gives him basic shapeshifting ability. - Cast (In Depth)
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  46. Toasty - This might be a dumb question, but do we know how changers deal with clothing?
    Like if you transform into a giant dragon, shouldn't your costume just get completely destroyed?

    Wildbow - It does. Most changers in story end up naked, unless their changes are rooted in space warping or something borderline breakerish - Discord Convo,Archived on Spacebattles

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