Challenger was a hero of the Protectorate.


Challenger wore a red bodysuit with epaulettes, and some other decorations. She has a sharp, pronounced chin and dark eyebrows over green eyes.[1]

As a civilian, Challenger wore headgear that covered one of her eyes, as she had lost sight in one eye after a previous incident.[2]


Carries an axe and a rifle, that are both as tall as she is.[3]


Challenger was a member of the Brockton Bay Protectorate, but had left before the events of the story began.


  1. “I’m not good in front of cameras,” Challenger said. She had a red bodysuit with epaulettes that had fine chains dangling from them and other decoration, and with her headgear off, strikingly different facial features, with a very sharp, pronounced chin, lines that joined nose to jaw if she had any expression that wasn’t neutral, and very sharply drawn, black eyebrows over green eyes. Her hair was damp and while it was normally straight, when damp it took on a slight curl as though it had been finely braided.- Heavens 12.none
  2. There were capes who didn’t wear full masks, and who used makeup, wigs, or altered their hair to change their costumed identities. There were also ones like Challenger, who were ‘normal’ in costume and who went to more extreme measures out of costume. Her headgear, which was in her hand, was a chin-strap, ear-cover, and a diagonal blindfold that covered one of her eyes. She’d lost her sight in the eye after an incident in a past city.- Heavens 12.none
  3. “You fly, and you’ll fly off if given the choice,” Challenger replied. She opened a locked case in the wall, and lifted down her axe. A weapon as tall as she was. She held it with one hand and grabbed her rifle, which was similarly proportioned. Each weapon was mounted on one side of her bike, which had been repainted.- Heavens 12.none


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