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Date posted 4 May 2013
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Cell 22.1 is first chapter of Cell. Here Taylor gets taken to a cell, Dinah refuses to play ball, and the time limit for negotiations is revealed.


The PRT ENE Headquarters is in chaos. Miss militia has Clockblocker freeze taylor so they can cuff her. Taylor doesn;t get Cb's quib.

She is escorted to the cells and subjected to a cavity search.

Dinah shows up and Taylor listens in with her bugs. Dinah lays out her position and talks about End of the World. Tagg pisses the young seer off, she predicts and unpleasant death. It also pisses off Taylor, whose emotions are shown in the bugs agitated movements.

Over the next two hours the Prt readies their response to their new prisoner.

They get word of Flechette defecting and they ask Taylor if she planned it. She skirts around the question eliciting fears that the heroine had been kidnapped. Tagg orders her to the interrogation room. The time is one PM.

They talk a bit more, taylor outlines the time limit she gave them ends in six and a half hours, sunset, 8:30 pm.

Major EventsEdit

  • Taylor Hebert turns herself in and is taken prisoner by the PRT.


  • Taylor once again demonstrates her ability to focus her attention through her bugs for an out of body experience.
  • Dinah outlines her position here.



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