A town on a new Earth under new management. Depending on your leaning this place is either Hollow Point; which villains call it, or Cedar Point as heroes and civilians call it.

Geography/Description Edit

Quiet and nice town. It is somewhat distant from other populous settlements of The City. The town is decently urbanized, but a lot of constructions still stay unfinished.[1]

It is located on a peninsula which is the reason why it is called point.[2]



  • Mr. Andrea Giannone

Villainous OccupantsEdit






Points of InterestEdit

Several points are done up with graffiti to show that it has been forcibly renamed Hollow Point.[3]

Villainous HeadquartersEdit

The stone clock tower is technically only the headquarters for people in Prancer's faction.[4]

Nail SalonEdit

Where Colt's parents and sister live and work.



Settled after Gold Morning along with the rest of the North American population. Residents were drawn from the entire refugee population, from all over the former world.


The strike of construction workers put a sudden stop to town development,[1] but a small time drug dealer had a plan for the location.[5]

Roughly a month on a it had become a site for drugs like weed and gun running along with other criminal activity.[6]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

A lot of survived villains retreated to the frontier.[7] Despite that, the name Hollow Point stayed into main usage.[8]


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