Cauldron's Vials, also known as formulas or samples, are the serums they use to provide powers to their clients and test subjects.


Samples are held in glass vials about as long as a pen and no thicker than a finger.[1] They had black rubber corks.[2] The vials are usually contained in stainless steel, cylindrical canisters.[3] [1]

The sample itself is a colored, metallic, semi-transparent liquid.[4][5] When two vials were mixed together, they somehow take up the same amount of volume as a single vial.[6] However, they do not stay "mixed" for long and tend to split in layers.[7]

Sometimes multiple canisters are held in metal briefcases, along with extensive paperwork detailing the vials and requirements.[8] Cauldron's symbol was engraved inside the lid.[9]


Drinking a vial causes intense, rapidly increasing pain, followed by a Trigger event.[10][11][12] Like any trigger event, it incapacitates any nearby parahumans.[2][11] If a parahuman drinks a vial, it has no effect whatsoever.[2]

Taking a vial can also heal injuries and illnesses.[11] According to Doctor Mother, this is a result of the Balance Formula.[10][13] However, the first few vials also had this effect.[14]

Cauldron generally requires both physical and psychological tests from their customers.[15] Personality, mental state and background have a great deal of effect on the resulting power. Cauldron provides packages to some customers designed to shape their mental state to help guarantee they get the power they desire.[16]


In 1986, two-sevenths of Cauldron subjects died from taking the formula, while four-sevenths experienced unwanted physical changes. Only one-seventh became normal parahumans. However, over time they were able to improve the success rate enormously.[13]

As of 2011, Cauldron vials produced physical or mental alterations akin to the more extreme natural trigger events 0.125% of the time.[17]

Sometimes, especially when the Balance Formula was omitted, they produced more extreme alterations. The Passenger sought to reinforce what it saw as a damaged host. Cauldron referred to these as "deviant cases". 93% of deviant cases had their bodies re-built based on plants, animals, or inanimate objects. Some of these had their memories modified and were released as Case 53s; others were kept prisoner in the Cauldron Compound.[17]

Being under physical stress - increased heart rate etc. - increases the chance of physical mutations. Cauldron customers are told that drinking the vial quickly will produce a cleaner transition, and are expected to drink on an empty stomach.[10] People with a Corona pollentia have a higher risk of deviation.[2]

7% of deviant cases became what Cauldron called "extreme deviants". They resembled nothing found in nature. Cauldron did not usually release these, but studied and then disposed of them.[17] These cases were the usual result of vials containing the Foreign Element.[2]

Ratings Edit

Cauldron rate a sample's qualities using a number of different qualities, indicated by different letters. The most important values are P, O and R.[10]

R valueEdit

R refers to the reliability of the sample. Samples with high R values produce simple, predictable results. Samples with low R values risk physical changes, or simply give wildly varying types of powers.

According to Doctor Mother, an R score of 5 indicates a 3-4% chance of unwanted physical changes, and a 0.5% chance of extreme mutations. It also indicates that the sample provides a broad category of powers, rather than a single specific power.[10]

O valueEdit

O refers to a power’s "uniqueness", how unusual it is for parahumans to have similar abilities. This value is particularly subjective. Higher ratings in this value make it easier to stand out as a hero or villain, while low ratings give simple powers already possessed by a number of other parahumans.[18]

P valueEdit

P refers to the average PRT Classifications the sample provides. [19][20]

Notable VialsEdit

Main article: List of Cauldron vials.

Deus: produced both Genesis and Siberian. Usually produced projection powers.[13]

Balance: mixed with most vials. Reduces the risk of physical mutation.[2][17]

Division: produced Echidna. Had a tendency toward Brute and Changer powers.[21]

List of Known Formula CapesEdit

List of Known Formula Capes
Cauldron Members Purchased Stolen Case 53


Vials are produced from sawn-off, broken-down body parts taken from Eden. The first vials took five hours each to prepare.[14]


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