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Cassie,[3] known at Parahumans Online as WagTheDog[4], is a devoted member of the Sons of Bitch.[5]


Enthusiastic and dogged in her pursuits and passion, Cassie shows the ability to insert herself into a group and rapidly become indispensable. Was one of the more socially conscious members, feeling uncomfortable when her gang attire set her apart from the residents.[6]

She has not been seen in combat situations but has been seen at retrieval missions[7] and important meetings.[8]


Rachel Lindt[]

Near worshiped her in the beginning, this grew into a mutual respect as time went on.[9]


Her golden retriever partner in the Sons of Bitch. Cassie took very good care of her and she was trained to Rachel's standards given that the parahuman was willing to empower Sunny.[10]

Chastity Vasil[]

They are very good friends.


Described as 'Biracial' with blue eyes, mocha skin and coarse brown hair.[1] Like many in Rachel's group Cassie sometimes accessories her outfits with spiked dog collars and similar.[3] Since moving into the wilderness of Earth Gimel she has taken to wearing the utilitarian clothing that serves best there,[11]

In Ward she appears with heterochromic eyes, it is unclear if she is using contact lenses.

Abilities and Powers[]

Is a competent henchperson with a wide variety of skills, including cooking, animal handling,[2] and letter writing though she wrote in a near scrawl.[12] Regardless she loves her work, adapts and improves.



Unknown if she had a family or if they would even miss her.


Cassie was first seen on Parahumans Online with the username WagTheDog, looking for a way to become Bitch's underling. While more difficult than anticipated, Cassie was ultimately successful in joining, after receiving a message from Char.[13] She would eagerly help at the base, preparing food during Skitter's tour around the territories.[1]

Bitch told Cassie that "she did not have all the answers," nevertheless Cassie was able to convince Rachel to let her into the 'Gang'.[7]

Cassie takes up residence with Bitch in Earth Gimel, performing many indispensable tasks such as cooking, writing letters for Bitch, and taking care of the dogs.[14]

Gold Morning[]

Was part of the team to the extent that all the animals present listened to her.[15]

Post-Gold Morning[]

After Gold Morning she accompanied Bitch on a mission to retrieve a child taken by its father in a custody dispute.[7]

Post-Fallen fall[]

Was still with the Sons of Bitch two years later.[11]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Cassie was charged with looking after Rain while he was passed out on Earth N.

The Ice Breaks[]

Cassie was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight of Titan Oberon and Eve, but was delivered back to Wardens base once thing got hairy.[16]

She was together with Chastity Vasil near the Mathers Giant when the Simurgh ambushed it.[17]


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    Going to take puppies to your place again soon. Show the kids to them. Might help.

    You have plan, okay. But if your plan means you’re thinking about fighting us you should know I am getting very good at hunting and skinning things.

    Sucks somehow but can’t really understand why. Maybe see you at next Endbringer fight. We both stay alive. Try hard.

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    “I’m never getting used to that,” she said. Sunny nudged Cassie with a gnarled snout, and Cassie laughed, rolling over onto her front and then hurrying to get to her feet. “Don’t step on me, Sun. Good girl.” - Excerpt from Teneral e.4
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  13. ♦ Topic: Hypothetically, if I wanted to become a henchman…
    In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Brockton Bay ► Teams ► Undersiders

    WagTheDog (Original Poster) (Brockton Bay Refugee)
    Posted on July 1st, 2011:

    Been a fan of Bitch/Hellhound/Rachel Lindt since the start. Always loved dogs. Always loved badasses.

    She’s both, and now she’s one of the villains running the city? So coooool! If I wanted to become a henchman/henchwoman/henchperson (hypothetically) how would I do it?
    (Showing page 1 of 1)

    ► Char (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
    Replied on July 1st, 2011:
    Sent you a private message.

    ► Good Ship Morpheus
    Replied on July 2nd, 2011:
    Yeah, I might be too late to say anything, but I wanted to warn you to be careful. Really, the reality could be different from the ideal you’ve built up in your head.

    ► WagTheDog (Original Poster)
    Replied on July 3rd, 2011:
    It’s all good.
    Harder than I thought but all good. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.y
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