The Case Files are PRT designation for investigations it has conducted.[1] The number comes from sequential investigations with each files being an investigation that was started chronologically after the previous one.[2]

If it has to do with parahumans the PRT will look into it until the situation is resolved.[3] Consequently the PRT and it's ancillary organization handle a wide range of material in the persuit of safeguarding the public good.[4]


As the PRT post dates the appearance of parahumans many of their files were consolidated from sources collected from other agencies.[4] Thus it included events that already happened. Later recorded cases included:[5]

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    The first cases had inspired things, major functions and interests. Committees had been formed and those committees had become something. Even though a whole chunk of the early ones were minor or fabrications in the end, the virus theory included, they’d led to things like a dedicated parahuman science department. - Excerpt from Shadow 5.10
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    The first 52 case files would have included stuff like:
    • Major financial malfeasance (ie. using Thinker powers to scam the system)
    • Behemoth
    • Tracking incidents with a pattern suggesting a given Stranger
    • The first parahuman gangs
    • Tinker item X found in the marketplace
    • Suspected sources of powers
    • The Dealer, reported to be selling powers via. vials (Cauldron offshoot)
    • Scion
    • [Redacted] information regarding visions of [redacted] during a trigger event, written in a dream journal.
    • First few S-class threats
    • Narwhal's second trigger.
    • Creatures found in an area, later discovered to be Master minions. - Wildbow on Reddit
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    ◈ The Fallen are a criminal group that exists primarily in the Southeastern United States, but possess reach and influence well beyond these locations. - Wildbow on Reddit
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