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Case 70 is the PRT designation for a pair of capes who share a single body and have similar powers.[1] So-called due to the phenomena being the 70th anomalous case in total the PRT investigated.[2][3] A Case 70 situations occur when twins trigger while in physical contact with each other.[1]


In Capricorn's case, only one of the twins was in control of their body at any given time.[1] The inactive twin shared the perceptions of the active twin, but had no way to interact with their surroundings.[1] Only the active twin could pass control to the other, causing their body to transform into the other twin's body.[4] Clothes, armor, etc, is also switched over.

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It is unknown how similar the presentation of this phenomena in other parahumans. For example the Tandem twins are able to exist at the same time while in contact with each other.[5]




Twins who trigger normally gain the same power or near-identical powers.[1]

However, if the two are touching at the time fo the trigger then the Agent conglomerates the two people into one individual.[1][3] It may be due to the agent's makeup.[8]


Case seventies reportedly have a low life expectancy, even compared to other parahumans. The majority of them were already out of the game before Gold Morning.[9]


  • The twins Nix & Nyx are not an example;[10] they may have been an attempt to replicate the phenomena.
  • Extremely pedantic people will point out that even monozygotic twins do not have completely identical DNA.[11] Obviously what DNA the shards do use to lock onto their targets is not noticeably differentiated between hosts.[12]


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