Caryatid, real name Carrie, is a young woman trying to be a hero with her friends.


Carrie was reserved. She is prone to action paralysis and often dissociates.[2]

Carrie has a very strong aversion to drunks and druggies.[3]


The Major MalfunctionsEdit

Her family.[4]


She is brown-skinned and has straight black hair.[5]

Caryatid wore a narrow dark gray dress, with yellow 'explosions' of ruffles around the bottom of the dress and her sleeves. She wore black gloves, as well as a ski mask which covered the lower half of her face, leaving her eyes and hair exposed. Caryatid also wore yellow-orange makeup around her eyes.[6]

When switching into one of her Breaker states, Caryatid's costume and hair flowed and swirled around her, while her face appeared to 'unfold,' resembling pages or wings; her face then folded into a telescoping structure around her head, while the rest of her body froze.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Caryatid has a Breaker mode that is indestructible while still and had increased awareness, but she could only move by using her power while in this state.[8] In this form, she did not need to eat; she was unsure about whether she needed to sleep in her form, or what long-term consequences staying in that form had.[9] Caryatid can vary the speed she switches into her breaker state.[10]

She moves by sliding herself across the ground, both inside and outside her breaker state.[11] In battle she acts as mobile bulwark, either by providing her team with a cover or trapping opponents.[12]


Her breaker form had a tendency to damage objects she held, limiting what she could have on her.[13]



Caryatid was routinely drugged by her mother to keep her quiet, alongside her little brother. At some point she triggered. Eventually, she and her brother were recovered by CPS, however her brother insisted on being separated, resenting her gaining powers.[2]

She triggered around 12 years old, the same year as her teammate Withdrawal. She met her teammates online, and dropped out of school to form a team with them, forming a close connection with them.[14] Though they faced limited success as a hero team, they did manage to stay together over the course of six years.[15] She was the oldest of her group.[11]

Gold MorningEdit

She survived, but she was presumably forcibly recruited like everyone else to end it.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

The Major Malfunctions were stationed near a tent city when Breakthrough contacted the Major Malfunctions to offer them to work within their growing network of hero teams.[16][15] Caryatid was present for the team's meeting with Antares and demonstrated her power.

Deployed to fight teachers goons.[17]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

She was present during The Wardens attempt to stop March from reaching Brockton Bay time-bubbles[18]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Fought alongside Breakthrough during the second Wardens' assault on Teacher's Compound.[19]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Caryatid, alongside the other Major Malfunctions, helped hold the line against rioting civilians trying to enter Earth Cheit,[20] and was caught in the wake of Contessa.[2]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Caryatid was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight duty of Titan Oberon and Eve. Once the battle started, she was accompanying Lookout together with Withdrawal, and evacuated shortly after than was done.[21]

Caryatid participated in the battles against The Simurgh together with her teammates.[22][23]


  • Caryatid, literally "maiden(s) of Caryatid", is a term for any female load-bearing statue, in the style of the famous Caryatid maidens of the Erechtheion.


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