Carnie is the name given to any and all clones of Circus that were created by Echidna.

Abilities and PowersEdit

All Carnies have the same abilities as the original Circus, or variations thereof. One showcased the ability to suck air into their pocket dimension, dragging things into it.[1] The same one also showcased the ability to light an entire person on fire just by touching them.[2]


Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Created by Echidna to assist her in the Battle against Echidna.

They were all killed off.


  1. A Circus emerged beneath the flying heroes, cradling a shattered arm. Bugs began drifting toward her, as if a strong wind were pulling them in. The normal Circus packed a pocket dimension she could put things into. This one was only storing air, forming a strong vacuum around herself. Chronicler’s cloud dissipated as it was sucked in, and the heroes with weaker flying abilities were swiftly being dragged her way. Regent hit her with his power, and the effect slowed, but she recovered faster than the fliers did. - Excerpt from Queen 18.8
  2. The Circus, for her part, had used her pocket-dimension vacuum to draw one of the fliers close enough to get her hands on him. The hero, Intrepid or Strapping Lad, was set aflame from head to toe, his costume ignited in entirety. He kicked out, blind in the midst of the flames that were immolating him, and she ducked out of the way. - Excerpt from Queen 18.8

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