Charles Ali[1], publicly known as Captain Claw, is a pirate themed hero under the thrall of Ingenue and Teacher.


Captain Claw has a distinctly pirate theme to his costume.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Captain Claw can create a bestial image over his body that can attack the things around him, with considerable strength.[2]



At some point, Captain Claw was captured by Teacher and Ingenue, and placed under their enthrall.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Captain Claw assisted in fighting off Valkyrie and her Flock alongside Leister, Usher, and Spawner.

Captain Claw retreated to the City alongside Ingenue.[1]


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  2. Claw fought with his hands in his pockets, a phantom image of something large and bestial looming over his upper body and head, clawing and snapping at Swansong and destroying the area around her whenever it missed. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.z II

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