Candy Vasil, cape name Decadent, is a daughter of Heartbreaker, a member of the Heartbroken, and by extension, a member of the Undersiders.


Like her older sister, Candy likes to tease others.[2] She is good at reading people, to the point that Victoria mistakenly thought she might have a lie-detection power.[3]

Candy tends to obsess over problems to her own detriment.[4]


Chastity VasilEdit

Chastity is Candy's full sister. She is the only Heartbroken to share a mother with Candy. They have the kind of relationship that involves a lot of teasing and arguing back and forth.[2]


Candy has a slender built and black, wavy hair, which is typical to Heartbroken. However, unlike most of her siblings she prefers to wear more modern and colorful clothing. She arranges her hair into complex braids.[5][6]

Her mask has a grinning expression and rich decor.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Candy is able to induce intense and sensory-complete hallucinations of whatever the target loves most. The intensity and length of these hallucinations depend on how much accumulated "juice" Candy uses on them, with a full dose starting a hallucination that can last 5 straight days. These hallucinations are so intense, that usually the person afflicted will end up hating whatever it is they used to love.[8] If Candy does not use up the juice she has saved up, it will start to unconsciously affect the people around her.[9]

Unlike other capes with emotion-affecting powers, Candy does not have a secondary Thinker power that allows her to read emotions.[10]



Candy was raised in the house of Heartbreaker.

Candy triggered when her father allowed a man to purchase time to spend with her. The man, selfishly thinking that he would give her the best day of her life, unwittingly pressured her into eating too much ice cream, since she was too paralyzed by a fear of her father.[11][12]

Heartbreaker broke her mother when he was done with her, by permanently making her terrified of other human beings, and forcing her to live by herself in the wilderness as a hermit.[13]


Was adopted by Imp along with the rest of her family, after Imp assassinated her father.

Instigated a pizza incident.[14]

Gold MorningEdit

Survived Gold Morning.

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Assisted in a team-up with Breakthrough to hunt down Love Lost.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Candy started a team with Darlene, Chicken Little, and Kenzie Martin.

Candy and Darlene remotely assisted Lookout during her visit to Earth Shin.

Welcomed Lookout back from Earth Shin.[15]

Was invited to the Wardens HQ. Helped out Lookout with tinkering.[16]

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

During Kenzie Martin's visit she attempted and was somewhat successful in discharging the conflict.[17]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Decadent was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight of Titan Oberon and Eve, but was delivered back to Wardens base once thing got hairy. [18]

She stayed together with The Chicken Tenders and Lookout at the Wardens' Compound during the following battles with titans. During Lookout's manic episode Candy attempted to comfort her, but was threatened by desperate and agitated Kenzie, prompting older Undersiders to forcibly sedate Lookout.[19]

Candy infected herself with the Victoria's plague following Aiden and with some help from Juliette.[20]


  • Her power is highly reminiscent of aversion therapy as it usually fictionalized.


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