Cache is a member of the New York Protectorate team, working under Legend.


Cache wears a black costume, but in-book, he seems to be wearing an identical costume to his teammates as well as a gas-mask, suggesting this isn't his usual attire.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

"Cache can force objects into an extradimensional space, or remove them from one."

His power appears to be an area of effect. First, "Dark lines, ... forming complex geometric angles." and then "Panes of glossy black material snapped into place between the dark lines.  The resulting geometry contracted."[2]

There is some backlash if his powers are counteracted somehow, as he suffers from a nosebleed after the Siberian breaks his construct. This may be just due to power interaction with the Siberian.

He is also able to use the power on himself, though it is unsure how he would be able to return.



His background is largely unknown.


Cache deployed to Brockton Bay as part of the Protectorate team from New York intent on battling the Slaughterhouse Nine.[3] His first act is trying, and failing, to contain the Siberian.

Cache plays an important role later, putting some of fighting heroes into his extradimensional space during the first firebombing run, while Clockblocker froze Cache and the rest. This turns to his disadvantage when Mannequin drops multiple cars on him while he is still frozen. It is unknown what would have happened to the other heroes if he were to have died.[4] Fortunately, Weld and Skitter are able to remove the cars before Clockblocker's power wore off. Less fortunately, Crawler was able to cover him in acid spit, though he was able to deposit the heroes before collapsing.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

He exited the battle via his own power,[5] and he is revealed to be recovering.[6]


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