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Date posted 4 February 2012
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Buzz 7.6 is the sixth chapter of Buzz. Sophia stalks Taylor in a bookstore; Brian tells Taylor he sees her “Like his sister. A friend.”


With the E88 stuff still dominating the news Taylor and Brian decide not to talk about their kiss and head off to their respective destinations.

Taylor goes into a bookstore hoping to pick up a book on dogs in order to help her with Bitch. She feels someone touching her hair and doesn't realize 8t is Sophia until her bully is slamming Taylor's head into a bookcase. Ripping her ear.Taylor accuses Sophia of insanity for stalking her just because she kissed a boy.

Sophia accuses Taylor of ruining her life over inconsequential things. Taylor laughs at the hypocrisy.

Brian shows up. Sophia tries to turn him on Taylor but Brian doesn't believe her stories. Sophia is able to get the bookstore owner on her side more easily.

Taylor and Brian decide to leave. Heading towards the hideout. There Brain gives Taylor medical attention and Taylor confesses her attraction to him.

Brian claims he doesn't see her like that. Taylor is understandably devastated but tries to move on. The news showing that the E88 are wrecking the city is a welcome distraction.

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  • Taylor confesses her feelings to Brian. Who predictably messes things up.


  • The effects of the E88s presence in Brockton Bay are showcased here.


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