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Date posted 31 January 2012
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Buzz 7.5 is the fifth chapter of Buzz. In which the Undersiders perform a tactical retreat, split up, Brian and Taylor run into Sophia on the bus.


Brian declares that it is too dangerous for the team to remain at the hideout if E88 are most likely to blame the Undersiders for the revealing of their public identities. The empire has too many strong capes with no reasons holding them back and it is likely they could track down the Undersiders' general location from Bitch's dog home and information from the ABB conflict. The team agrees to this plan and Brian tells Lisa to call Coil to aquire transport and demand Coil announce full responsibility for the outing of E88. Brian states that he will not be agreeing to any deal with Coil if he won't take blame off the team when he acted without either consulting or informing them.

Brian lays out the retreat plan; Brian and Taylor will stay at his apartment while Rachel, Alec and Lisa find another place the dogs can be housed. Alec's annoyance at having to stay with a bunch of stray dogs is swiftly rebuked by Brian, who is angry at him and Lisa for failing to respond to phone calls. Taylor heads to her room to prepare to go, wearing her costume underneath her civilian clothing as an experiment to see how comfortable and practical it will be. She packs a few days worth of clothing and also hides some bugs beneath the clothes she wears.

Brian and Taylor head to the bus stop and catch a bus, briefly touching again on the topic of Taylor creating him a costume, which she is more interested in doing now that she has commited to being a proper member of the team. Taylor ponders again on why she finds him attractive and tries to make peace with the idea that she isn't the kind of girl he is likely to be interested in.

At another stop on the route, Sophia Hess boards the bus. Taylor expects any contact with Sophia to be very confrontational, since the school meeting where Sophia was to be suspended was their last encounter. Noticing Sophia eyeing Brian, Taylor asks him for a big favour with a promise of an explaination later and upon his agreement kisses him. He plays along by placing his arm around her as she returns to normal sitting position and Taylor observes Sophia staring at her afterwards, feeling something close to primal satisfaction at this. She thinks about how this move is also a way of following both Lisa and Rachel's dating advice, however she is concerned about how she will handle the explaination and the possibility of a very awkward night staying at Brian's apartment.

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  • Taylor kisses Brian.


  • This is the second time that Taylor making costumes for her teammates is brought up. She won't have these done until much later.[1]


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