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Date posted 21 January 2012
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Buzz 7.2 is the second chapter of Buzz. Taylor invites herself to Rachel’s dog shelter, and finds heartworms in Sirius.


Taylor and Bitch make their way to the docks, briefly discussing Angelica and the way Bitch's dogs learn good habits due to their company and environment provided by Bitch. They enter a partially constructed building that Bitch is using to house more than ten dogs.

Bitch empties bags of dog food into a trough, which results in a fight breaking out between the newest dog, Sirius, and two others. Taylor finds the fighting between normal size dogs to remind her uncomfortably of her first encounter with Bitch and focuses on her power to distance herself from it. She notices a huge amount of worms present inside Sirius and calls Bitch's attention to it. Bitch quickly realises that it is heartworm, since Sirius came from a shelter who had failed to provide him with the medication he should have been given to prevent heartworm.

Bitch declares that the two of them are going to help Sirius and leads him outside, having Taylor bring some chains. Since Sirius is not trained, they have to tie him up while Bitch uses her power on him to prevent the dog going on a rampage as one of Bitch's previous dogs had done. The power usage causes the worms inside Sirius to disintegrate and Bitch explains that the bacteria inside the heartworms will also be destroyed this way, making it far less dangerous to the dog that having a vet fix it.

Bitch watches over Sirius in his enlarged form and attempts to get Taylor to pick up the dog feces from the grass while this happens. Taylor refuses, saying she would only do that if Bitch does it alongside her and instead offers to fetch some food while Bitch waits, an offer Bitch accepts.

Major EventsEdit

  • Taylor continues to try to bond with Rachel.
  • Taylor deciding to stand up to Rachel about dealing with the feces is one of the steps that make the girl start to respect her.


  • Taylor is able to sense parasites and similar even if they are within a host.
    • Despite the fact that parasites don't count as 'bugs', much like crabs.[1]
  • Bitch gives a roughly accurate explanation of a medical procedure.



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