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Arc 7
Chapter Count 13
Word Count 47,145
Date started
17 January 2012
Date finished
28 February 2012
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Buzz is the seventh arc of the Worm series; preceded by Tangle and followed by Extermination. Coil takes the next step in his plan to take over the city; the Undersiders deal with the aftermath.


Gang violence overtakes Brockton Bay once again when the secret identities of the top members of Empire Eighty Eight are revealed to law enforcement and news media by Coil's operatives. The Undersiders mobilize against the white supremacists, first because Tattletale's power makes them the prime suspects, and then to stop the violence spilling out across the city as Purity demands the return of her daughter.

After resolving things with the white supremacists, the team arranges a meeting with Coil to renegotiate their place in his organization. It seems to be going well, until Coil shows off one of his prime strategic assets: a precognitive parahuman of impressive accuracy and control who also happens to be a preteen he keeps captive and addicted to drugs. The resulting moral dilemma drives a wedge between Taylor and the rest of the team.

The chapter ends with the electronic buzz of endbringer sirens.

In the interlude Hannah has her annual dream and deals with super politics which is like regular politics but deals with weapons of death in human form.



  • Buzz comes from late middle english as french was just being integrated into the language. It originally meant imitative but has collected a variety of meanings since. Primarily of or relating to a low melodious tone whether created by natural or electronic means.
    • Buzz has been known for the sound bees make. Especially as the hive is threatened or damaged. Much has Coil does here, causing Empire Eighty-Eight to go on the warpath as their identities become a matter of public record and gossip.

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