Bryce Kiley is Sierra's younger brother and was a student at Arcadia High. Sierra asks for Skitter's assistance in saving him from The Merchants.

Physical AppearanceEdit

According to Taylor, Bryce's age was hard to pin down, looking as if he could have been a "a tall eleven year old" or "a young-looking sixteen."

Initially his build was thin and one that "suggested someone who was going through a major growth spurt but hadn’t yet filled out. He had large, blue eyes and a snub nose. There wasn’t a hair on his face, and his black hair was spiked so the top stuck up in every direction." His hair was also styled only to the parts where he could see himself in the mirror, displaying a lack of knowledge in styling his hair.[1]

Later, after working for Tattletale, Bryce gained some muscle while also cropping his black hair very short. He also only had one hand due to Scrub's attack from the Merchant party.[2]


Sierra had requested Skitter to rescue Bryce after two days he had been assumed kidnapped by a Merchant attack.[1] It was only a day after that Skitter and Tattletale found him at a Merchant party of his own volition. Bryce had chose to leave with the Merchants of his own accord, seeking excitement in his life.[3]

After Tattletale's soldiers attempted to force him to come back with their group, Bryce struggled and ran off back to his girlfriend and her family. In their attempt to escape, Bryce's group fell into Skidmark's arena.[4]

Skitter found an unconscious Bryce later along with his group, dead or grievously harmed. Bryce had lost a large portion of his right hand after Scrub had attacked him with his girlfriend's family. Tattletale's soldiers then took him along with Skitter to escape from the mall after Faultline’s Crew invaded the party.[5]

After their escape, Tattletale offered Sierra to temporarily recruit Bryce among her group of soldiers. He would serve as eyes on the street for them, while the soldiers could keep an eye on him while also giving him a chance to be disciplined.[6]

Bryce would later show up with Sierra when Skitter had been shot by Flechette. He sought to challenge Skitter's authority before being reprimanded by his sister. After being told of Skitter's accomplishments, Bryce appeared to have seen Skitter in a better light. He then chose to stay on and help Doctor Q with patching Skitter up.[2]


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