Broken triggers or the structural issue are a type of extremely violent trigger event first observed after Zion's death, in which shards appear to disobey their intended behavior, often leading to the deaths of their hosts, as well as bystanders.


Just as no power is the same[1], no two broken triggers are the same, but they do share commonalities.

Trigger VisionsEdit

The visions from broken triggers are often disjointed and come in waves. Some will replay the last memories of Zion, while others are so quick that no one sees anything. When near a broken trigger, Rachel Lindt appeared to see Zion's memories of the mockeries of Eden[2], or of killing Eidolon[3]. At another broken trigger incident, Victoria Dallon saw similar visions of either these mockeries or Eden herself.[4] Unlike typical trigger visions, those who saw visions from broken triggers were able to remember what they saw.[3]

At least one victim of a broken trigger seemed to have gained awareness of the nature of shards, sensing the presence of the shard and expressing concerns about being incorporated into the shard's memory.[5]


Broken triggers appear to display an almost shaker effect,[6] allowing the shard to jump from person to person, affecting multiple people. This was possibly due to the now-unrestricted shards registering people as a triggeree, where before they would only connect to more then one person if that person was also having a trigger event.[7] The position within the 'area of effect' of a broken trigger seems to affect its manifestation; in one incident, those farther from the center of the trigger event were less mobile, to the point that those on the perimeter were fixed in place by their shards.[6]

Whereas typical parahumans were protected from the effects of their own powers,[8] via the Manton Effect, those affected by broken triggers almost invariably died as a result of their powers or the trigger event. One incident involving a broken trigger fixed a victim's Corona Pollentia in place, leaving her unable to move without intense pain until her death; multiple others also died from the same condition.[9] The same incident, centered around a matter manipulation power, also generated capes whose powers killed themselves; one vomited a fractal-like tree which tore away his body,[10] while others were buried by their powers.[11]


When a parahuman undergoes a broken second trigger event, they merge with their shard and become a Titan. As part of this process, the shard becomes the primary conscious actor of the resultant titan, acting according to its goals. The requisite loss of personality varies depending on the parahumans psychological state. Those that were able to scrounge some consciousness during the trigger and decided to seize the power, stay in control to some degree, or at least art able to influence their Shards decision making in a manner similar to how shards can influence the host normally.[12] Those, that choose to surrender to the power, appear to experience a loss in their original personality, attacking seemingly indescriminately.


Without a hub for the shard network (namely, Scion, the primary intelligence/consciousness of the entity), individual shards could no longer get permissions to alter themselves or their behaviours, or coordinate with the greater network in this task.[13][14][15]

Case 53s and lethal vial triggers can be considered more benign variation of broken triggers.[16] However, Eden had no time to configure host-shard connection before her demise, and the most of Cauldron vials were consumed before Eden's body was fully destroyed, so it is not completely clear if 'undercooked' process or 'lobotomized', but somewhat intact hub, had bigger influence in those cases being (not) as bad as they were.

So far Broken Triggers can be traced to Zion-derived, natural occurring connections, which unable to proceed properly without his guidance.


Post-Gold MorningEdit

While odd triggers and strange powers were a fact of life for parahumans,[8] they were generally following an internal logic. With the death of Scion, the shard network lost ability to maintain itself.

A broken trigger occurred in the nascent city, getting in the way of a domestic dispute that Bitch was resolving; it consisted of a parahuman who spread black ooze with each injury, gradually damaging himself before he died and spread it to a second host.[17] Miss Militia stated that it was the fourth such trigger known, possibly twenty percent of the triggers since Gold Morning.[18]


Several instances were recorded across multiple worlds, though information about their origin was unclear among the public, with some comparing them to Case 53s and the Endbringers.[19]


Broken triggers had become a common part of life in The City. One of the worst such incidents occurred as a riot brewed among local construction workers, until another broken trigger ensued.[20] Despite the efforts of the heroes on the scene to help those affected, numerous people intentionally entered the affected area to try and get powers, while those who were affected were killed by powers or the triggers themselves; ultimately, ninety-two people died as a result of the incident.[21]

Six of the victims of the riot incident were citizens of Earth Cheit, straining the relationship between Earth Cheit and Earth Gimel and causing the former to threaten war on the latter.[22]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

With assistance from Cradle, Speedrunners and her personal army, March was able to breach two time traps and in passing produce three broken triggers, two of which immediately merged together.[23]


Single TriggersEdit

  • The 'Black Ooze': created black ooze that morphed into tentacles and fronds, generating more upon being damaged. Once the first host was killed, the trigger seemed to spread to another host. [24]
  • Casey Forks: generated mold, which he could use to puppet bodies and make machines work. Like other broken triggers, he is implied to have died.[25]
  • Incident at the construction worker riot: a blaster trigger that spread exponentially throughout those nearby, with powers themed around matter creation or manipulation, folding matter into various origami-like shapes to cause various effects.[26]
  • A dog who triggered with the power to generate a field of slowed time, accidentally trapping and killing people before being put down by Valkyrie.[27]
  • The Mayor of Killington: Broken triggered into enormous worms.[28]
  • Two unspecified broken triggers active at the time of assault on Teacher's base[29]
  • One unspecified broken trigger in City's power-quarantine zone[30]

Second TriggersEdit


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    It keeps getting worse. It gets worse in a linear and steady way. These things follow from one another. There is a visible pattern and there is a sense to be made of things. The new broken powers follow from the people made monstrous by their powers. If Weld knows something we have to ask.
    every week we get a handful of reports of people triggering with broken powers. They burn bright and burn fast and they do a lot of damage.

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