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Brockton Bay is a fictional coastal city in which most of Worm takes place. It houses PRT Department ENE.


Brockton Bay is located in the northeast of the United States,[1] north of Boston.[2] The Atlantic Ocean borders it on the east,[1][3][4] while mountains or hills border it on the other sides, especially to the west.[5][6][7] The state it resides in is never mentioned.

Brockton Bay had a civilian population of around three hundred and fifty thousand as of the Battle against Leviathan,[8] which declined significantly with the subsequent evacuation.[9] It was probably in the top 10 US cities in terms of total cape population.[10]

The city was founded over an underground lake or aquifer.[6]

Being a coastal city along with its surrounding geography, Brockton Bay has a fairly mild climate. The summers are comfortably warm and the winters are one of the mildest in the Northeastern States. This may be one reason people in costume congregated there.[11][12][13]

There were blocks of storage containers scattered throughout the city, a legacy of a brief period where they were used as cheap off-the-books housing before this was banned.[14]

Resident Groups and Organizations[]


PRT Department #ENE: Brockton Bay
Director Emily Piggot Thomas Calvert James Tagg 
Staff Renick (Deputy Director)Jessica Yamada (Parahuman Psychologist)
Leader Armsmaster Miss Militia
Members AdamantAssaultBattery ChallengerClockblockerDauntlessDovetailSereTriumphVelocity 
Team Captains BatteryTriumphAegis WeldClockblockerCrucible
Members Browbeat ChariotFlechetteGallant Glory Girl Kid WinShadow StalkerToggleVista

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Brockton Bay had originally been a big trading post and port, back when America was being colonized.[16] Its location was chosen because of the aquifer (which provided fresh water) and proximity to the coast (which provided access to trade routes.)[6]

During its heyday, trains and ships were constantly coming to and from the city, carrying goods. The north end of the Bay was given over almost entirely to the shipping industry, and there was a regular ferry across the Bay.[3]

Villain Influx[]

When the import/export business in Brockton Bay had dried up, there had been a whole lot of people who were suddenly out of work. The richest and most resourceful people in town had managed to make more money, turning the city’s resources towards tech and banking, but all of the people who had been employed on the ships and in the warehouses had few options left to them. They faced leaving Brockton Bay, sticking around while scraping up what little work they could or turning to more illicit activity.[13]

This all contributed to a boom in the local supervillain population. The potential for big money coupled with the number of eager-to-please mooks and henchmen made it the city to be for the villains in the late 90s.[10]

During this period, there was a brief boom in storage lockers, which people would use as off-the-books housing. The closely-packed storage facilities attracted crime and disease. The local government cracked down on the practice, and the storage facilities were largely abandoned by homeless people in favour of the increasingly-empty warehouses and factories.[14]

The Slaughterhouse Nine under Jack Slash visited the area and would later decimate The Teeth.

It took a few years for the hero presence to establish and organize themselves, but they did, and there was something of an equilibrium following high profile arrests of Marquis and the formation of New Wave.[10]


Parahumans in Brockton Bay at the start of Worm
The Protectorate
The Wards
New Wave
Azn Bad Boys
Coil's Organization
Empire Eighty-Eight
Faultline’s Crew
The Merchants
The Undersiders

After Bakuda's scuffle with The Undersiders, she went on a bombing campaign, indiscriminately targeting several major locations across Brockton Bay. Initially, targets included a power transformer, a school, a bridge, train tracks, and other major services. At least 27 people were reported to have died in the attacks.[19]

Soon after, the bombs became coordinated against other gang and villain organization fronts. This led all the other villains of Brockton Bay to ally themselves against the ABB.

The ABB terror campaign climaxed when Bakuda attempted to hold the city for ransom with a threat of a 'superbomb', one authorities[who?] feared to be equal to a nine megaton bomb. Through a concerted effort between the Protectorate and the Wards, both the ABB leader Lung and his lieutenant, Bakuda, were apprehended.[20]

Leviathan's Attack[]

In May 15, 2011, Brockton Bay became the target of an attack by the Endbringer Leviathan. This event caused the loss of power and other services to significant parts of the city, the flooding of most of downtown and southern Brockton Bay and the formation of a sizable lake in the southern downtown area. It was speculated that a more successful attack on the part of Leviathan would have caused the collapse of large sections of the city into the aquifer it was built on.[6]

Escutcheon   Tyrone Venson
Erudite   Mavis Shoff
Fenja  Jessica Biermann
Gallant  Dean Stansfield
Geomancer   Tim Mars
Good Neighbor   Roberto Peets
Herald   Gordon Eckhart
Impel   Corey Steffons
Iron Falcon   Brent Woodrow
Kaiser  Max Anders
Manpower  Neil Pelham
Mister Eminent 
Oaf   Wesley Scheaffer
Pelter   Stefanie Lamana
Quark   Caroline Ranson
Resolute   Georgia Woo
Saurian   Darlene Beckman
Shielder  Eric Pelham
Smackdown   Jennie Ryan
Snowflake   Charlotte Tom
Strider   Craig McNish
Velocity  Robin Swoyer
Zigzag   Bennie Debold and Geoff Schearn

The loss of Shielder and Manpower, and later Glory Girl and Panacea in the wake of these events largely ended the New Wave experiment.

Slaughterhouse Nine Attack[]

Capitalizing on the chaos wrought by Leviathan, the Slaughterhouse Nine chose to visit Brockton Bay once more in order to recruit a ninth member. There they suffered a massive defeat, losing all but three of their members.

Battle against Echidna[]

Released in the wake of Coil's death, Echidna rampaged through a section of the city. Under the advisement of local thinkers, the attack was raised to an S-class threat before any major damage was done, allowing her to be subdued fairly quickly.

Aftermath of the event included Alexandria's civilian identity and the Triumvirate's association with Cauldron to be revealed and the defection of the majority of Protectorate Case-53s to Weld's Irregulars, as well as the creation of a portal to Earth Gimel.


Following Tattletale, Labyrinth, and Scrub's creation of a portal to Earth Gimel, Brockton Bay became much more important, attracting both unpowered humans motivated by greed and capes going after the rich pickings created by this influx of wealth.

This portal was used as an evacuation point for most of the East Coast following Scion's attack.

Urban area on the Gimel side of portal is known as New Brockton, and became one of origin settlements for The City.


  • Many of the features of Brockton Bay were based on Vancouver.[21] Such as the Thugs hired by the market people to protect their stalls.[citation needed]

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PRT Department #ENE: Brockton Bay
Director Emily Piggot Thomas Calvert James Tagg 
Staff Renick (Deputy Director)Jessica Yamada (Parahuman Psychologist)
Leader Armsmaster Miss Militia
Members AdamantAssaultBattery ChallengerClockblockerDauntlessDovetailSereTriumphVelocity 
Team Captains BatteryTriumphAegis WeldClockblockerCrucible
Members Browbeat ChariotFlechetteGallant Glory Girl Kid WinShadow StalkerToggleVista