Brio is the leader of Foresight.


Definite leadership abilities.[1]


Dresses in a western pirate with gold filigree throughout his costume.[2] The foresight logo is stamped in the obligatory eyepatch.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Likely a Thinker.



Agreed to let a newly formed cape team have jurisdiction over Hollow Point.[3]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Brio was unfortunately killed in a surprise attack while investigating the crime scene where The Navigators had been attacked.[4]

His death left his team scrambling.[5]


  • Brio can mean to do something, an action, performance etcetera; with verve, vivacity and/or vigor. Brilliance or panache, effectively something above the common way.
    • translated from Italian it can mean skill, talent or finesse.


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    I looked around the office and saw an article. The leader was on the cover, with the name ‘Brio’. - Excerpt from Glare 3.6
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