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Brian Laborn, known publicly as Grue, is a member of The Undersiders.


Brian has an overly professional demeanour, as well as a desire for personal freedom. He readily accepts burdens when it comes to his family and friends, but he values his ability to walk away from it at anytime.[3]

Brian is a cautious individual who tries to prevent emotion from affecting his actions. He appreciates practicality, and tries to have a plan whenever possible. When pressured, Brian uses self-discipline and rules in order to cope.[4] Tattletale described him as pragmatic, with a tendency to take a lot for granted and act automatically brought on by several years' experience as a cape.[5] This points to long term issues with intimacy.[6]

Brian is well versed in multiple martial arts, being able to pick up the basics very quickly,[7] but he does not dedicate himself to one particular style, being more interested in using a plurality of styles. He was confident enough to train his teammates how to fight.

Brian took courses online, allegedly to help him pay for his apartment, so he didn't need to attend classes. He had trouble remembering that school was a factor.[8]


Grue was considered a barely successful, "B-list" villain prior to joining the Undersiders.[9]

Thanks to his solo career, the heroes had some information on his capabilities.[10] Grue had a Parahumans Online page describing his career and listing his power as "darkness generation".[11]


Aisha Laborn[]

Brian had a falling out with his sister a year after he got his power and a year before joining the Undersiders.[12] While he does love his sister, their extended time together has made it easier for his sister to know what annoys him and exploit it.

He does try to keep Aisha safe how he can, from getting her to join the Undersiders to trying to stop her from forming a friendship with Regent.

Taylor Hebert[]

Grue initially reacts to Taylor’s advances on him with the response that he thinks of her more as a little sister.[13] He had not had many relationships with unrelated women given his upbringing with his father.

However, following Grue’s second trigger, they had a brief romance. The author described theirs as a "failed relationship".[14]


The two teammates often trade barbs and general put-downs, but their insults lack any actual hostility.[15]


Lisa and Grue had a recurring argument over the fact that he lived separately to the team, leaving him nowhere to go when he was injured.[16]


Brian had a complicated relationship with Rachel. Grue was willing to use physical force to enforce his authority if needed when Bitch crossed a line.[17] He didn't understand how to relate to Rachel, Taylor helped with that.

Shadow Stalker[]

Shadow Stalker believed Grue was her "nemesis" because of the interaction between their powers,[18][19] She used lethal force against him,[20] violating her probation with the Wards and, eventually, genuinely earning his enmity.[21] Another reason for this was the fact that he beat her soundly when they first fought.[22]


His girlfriend after Taylor, more conventionally attractive, but of a similar professional nature. Brian appreciated that she shared his desire for a modest lifestyle.[23]

PRT/Authority Figures[]

Grue didn’t trust authority figures, preferring to be self-sufficient rather than relying on them.[24] Brian's reasoning on not joining the Wards was tied into the restrictions they would have placed upon him.[25]

Appearance & Equipment[]

Brian is an African-American teenager, physically mature for his age,[26] with a muscular frame, and a lantern jaw. He wore his hair in cornrows.[27] He was taller than any of the other Undersiders,[28] at least a foot taller than Taylor when they first met.[29] Multiple characters consider him rather handsome.[citation needed]

He had a deep, masculine voice[30] that could pass for an adult.[26][31] When he used his power, it created an echoing, reverberating effect.[32][33][34]

As Grue, Brian dressed in motorcycle leathers and a motorcycle helmet with a full-face visor sculpted to look like a stylized skull.[35] These incorporated side vents to allow the darkness he creates to flow outward, creating an eerie, dramatic effect.[36]

On at least one occasion, he carried a small crowbar.[37]

His equipment would receive defensive upgrades when Skitter finished making spider-silk costumes for all the Undersiders. The new outfit possessed a helmet with a more demonic design, as opposed to the skeletal motif of his previous helmet. It was based on a figurine Brian bought for the express purpose of inspiration.[38]

Following his resurrection Brian has a white skull-imprint on his face. He covers it with makeup.[39] His eyes are also slightly discolored.[40]

Abilities and Powers[]


Brian can generate clouds of smoke-like darkness that erase all light and mutes sounds.[41][42][43]

It also interferes with microwaves, radio frequencies, radiation,[44] and certain Breaker powers such as those possessed by Shadow Stalker and Velocity.[45] He does not actually 'see' this darkness, he is aware of its location and when it is affected but it does not obscure his vision in the least.[46]

His power nullified Shatterbird's sound-based glass control,[47] but Cricket's sonar was able to function in his darkness.[48]

His darkness offers some resistance, like pushing through water,[42] which can make it difficult to keep track of your position.[49] Grue's darkness produces something like a steady air current flowing from his skin when active.[50] This wipes away his scent whenever he uses his power.[51] This makes it hard for those with an enhanced sense of smell compared to base line humans to track him.[52][53] His power doesn't interfere with smelling other things that happen to be inside his darkness.[54][55][56]

His darkness could be moved around by strong winds.[57][56][58]

A common tactic of his was to wreathe himself in his darkness[59] to distort his voice[32] and distort where his body is. He can use this to make himself appear larger.[60] He could form rough shapes out of his darkness, including a circular wall[61]. He displays further versatility by making a body double,[62] or several,[63] out of his darkness that was often convincing enough to distract an enemy. This tactic would later be borrowed and improved upon by his teammate Skitter.

Grue is able to cause his darkness to dissipate at will,[64][65] and could selectively dissipate sections at a time.[66] It naturally faded after about twenty minutes.[67]

Grue in Action by Zearoe


After his second Trigger Event,[68] Brian's darkness became thicker, heavier, and came out less quickly, but grew exponentially. He also gained a Trump ability, that let him use the powers of other parahumans while they were in his darkness, suppressing their powers at the same time. He can only access one person's powers at a time,[69] though he can rapidly switch between the abilities he uses.

While using these powers, he was essentially using them for the first time, lacking the experience and skill of previous users. He generally didn't receive the benefit of thinker powers, including secondary thinker powers used to handle the fine details of a power.[70]

After the resurrection his power was adjusted by Valkyrie, specifically by scaling down his trump aspect.[71] Presumably, to avoid power interference between them.



Brian was born in June 1993.[1]

Grue was abused by his mother's boyfriend when he was young, and fought to develop the strength and fortitude to never be that weak again. After going to help his sister deal with the same man at his mother's house, he was brought back to his weakest, darkest moment as he dealt with his mother's boyfriend. With the man's eyes on him, he found the power to immerse the world in darkness. The combination of the environment, malign attention, and the desire to protect his sister all factored into his power being what it was.[72]

Brian was active as the solo super-villain Grue for two years,[5][11] he was primarily active outside Brockton Bay.[73] He started out committing petty crimes, and acting as an enforcer for others, slowly scaling up over time.[11][3] During this phase of his career, Brian learned about the importance of reputation. Choosing the name Grue due to its obscure etymology, he did so with the presumption that the alias would attract a more sophisticated clientele.[74][75]

During this time Brian met The Adepts, and by extension Epoch. From this encounter, Brian discovered a deep hatred for people whose powers messed with time.[76]

He was eventually collected by Coil along with the other Undersiders and persuaded to form a team with them[77] around a year before the beginning of Worm.[11] With them, he began committing higher-profile robberies.[11]

At some point, he was shot in the stomach with Shadow Stalker's crossbow bolt[78] and bled all over the Undersiders' couch.[16]

Story Start[]

Coming off a successful robbery of the Ruby Dreams casino several weeks ago,[79] they ran into a new bug-themed super-villainess. Saving the villain from Lung, they were able to quickly make their escape before Armsmaster arrived on the scene. he had been a supervillain for three years by that point.[75]

They would meet up with the villain later in civilian garb to recruit her to the Undersiders. They were successful and Taylor joined the team.

After Rachel attacked Taylor in an attempt to test her and possibly drive her off, Brian stepped in to stop things from going to far. He admitted to Taylor he would much rather have her on the team than Rachel but that his hands were tied.

He was devastated to learn that his teammate and closest confidant on team was a hero who had been planning to betray them.


Weeks later, with his sister now a member of the Undersiders, Grue was forced to let Skitter back into the Team.


Was comfortable with not resuming his role as the Undersiders leader.

Deployed to New Delhi with the rest of the Undersiders.


Settled back into his role as leader of the Undersiders. He also met and started a relationship with Cozen.

Gold Morning[]

Grue was convinced by Weaver to join the Oil-rig battle where he attempted to use his darkness to copy Scion's powers. When he failed to copy them he copied Legend's powers instead and helped fight Scion before retreating with the other fighters back to the oil-rig. Scion appeared overhead and destroyed the oil-rig, killing Grue among several other heroes and villains.[80]


Grue was resurrected by Valkyrie and became a part of her Flock.[81] It was an unlikely choice, but Brian had proven himself enough during his time as a shade.[82]

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Grue participated in the battle against Teacher alongside the rest of his team. He fought Spawner and other Ingenue's goons, and was critical in protecting Valkyrie.[81]

He remained in Valkyrie's team, while other members of the flock were returning to their old teams.[83]

The Ice Breaks[]

Grue saved Valkyrie from being finished off by Auger. He was able to partially block the titans power and force him away, with unforeseen consequences.[84]

Following Valkyrie's titanification he returned to The Undersiders and helped to deal with the Lookout's freak out[83] by quarantining her power and keeping her company later.[85]

Grue helped Antares to reach and re-align The Mathers Giant,[86] and hid Dinah Alcott from the Simurgh.[87]

Chapter Appearances[]

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x. Interlude: End Mentioned


  • Grue did not name himself after the darkness-dwelling monster from Zork. He chose grue as in the Old English word for "creepy or scary," something considered professional enough to attract highbrow clientele.[74][88]
  • Clones of Brian created by Echidna are called Abhorrors, a portmanteau of "abhor," meaning 'to regard with extreme repugnance or aversion,' and "horror," meaning 'an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.' The two words combined serve as an exaggeration of the word "grue."
  • Like many characters in Worm, Grue took his turn as the protagonist for one of the stories many drafts.[89]
  • Is a Boob man, as implied by his courting of Cozen.

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  12. “I know, but you’re not getting it. I was the type to go after someone if they showed a vulnerability. Wasn’t until I’d had my powers about a year, Aisha tells me I was being an asshole, just like one of her stepdads used to be. So I tried to be better, but I always wanted to protect her, always wanted to help others. Teach you and Alec to fight, step up and take charge when a situation demanded it. Sometimes when a situation didn’t.” - Excerpt from Monarch 16.6
  13. "It’s… more like you’re my sister," - Buzz 7.6
  14. Relationships & a struggle with relationships & the impossible task of balancing relationships with the monumental goals she's set for herself are a thing in Taylor's story. Look at how she develops as a character, the failure in her relationship with Brian, with teammates and friends, having to find her own way of bonding & holding on to incomplete bonds. With Brian, especially, it sort of breaks from the norm in terms of how protagonists of YA works typically find their love and live happily or unhappily ever after. The break from that pattern & everything it entailed, awkward and all the rest, making peace with something imperfect and incomplete, ties into what Worm is about, in an abstract sense. - Comment by Wildbow on Spacebattles
  15. "Last and certainly least, we have Regent."


    "Fuck you, Grue," Regent retorted, with a chuckle and a tone of voice that made it clear he wasn't really that offended. - Gestation 1.5
  16. 16.0 16.1 Insinuation 2.7
  17. On the opposite side of the room, Brian was rubbing the back of one of his hands. The three dogs were sitting in a neat line ten feet away from a girl who was lying on the ground. The girl had blood running from both of her nostrils. I recognized her from the picture I had seen on her wiki page. Rachel Lindt. Hellhound. Bitch.

    “I fucking hate it,” Brian growled at the girl, putting emphasis on the swear, “When you make me do that.” - Insinuation 2.8
  18. Alec explained to me, “She’s got it in her head that Brian is her nemesis. You know, her number one enemy, her dark opposite. She’s been going after him every chance she gets.”


    Tattletale shook her head, “Her powers and Brian’s sort of have a weird interaction with one another. - Agitation 3.3
  19. "Shadow Stalker is AWOL?" Gallant asked.

    "Couldn't make it in time," Aegis grunted, "Told her to stay put."

    "She's going to hate that. Doesn't she have this huge hate-on for Grue?" - Interlude 3
  20. “Her power doesn’t work well while she’s inside Brian’s darkness, for whatever reason. She isn’t as fast or agile, he can see her better, and she can’t see him in the darkness,” Tattletale told me, “So it becomes something of a very intense game of tag, with one very fast person that’s essentially blind and deaf but carrying lethal weapons, while Brian, the other, is trying to take her out without getting shot.” - Agitation 3.3
  21. "Now she’s a probationary member of the Wards, with the condition that she uses tranquilizer bolts and nonlethal ammo for her crossbow.” “Which she isn’t,” Brian growled, “At least, not when she comes after me.  That arrow she shot through my side had a fucking arrowhead on it.” - Agitation 3.3
  22. Grue stood to her left, arms folded, almost indistinguishable from the darkness behind him. After her first humiliating loss to him, she’d made it a mission to drive him out of this city. He’d stubbornly refused. - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.6
  23. “Driven. She could really perform, she could put on an act, and I think that’s important when you’re a cape. She had a long history as a thief and a burglar, and I actually got my start as a burglar for hire. [...] I liked that she reminded me of who I used to be. Who I wanted to be, back when I got started. I think I lost sight of all of that.”
    “Out of costume, she was a much quieter person. Like she saved up her energy for the performances when she put her mask on. I liked that part of it. She’d make dinner one night, I’d make it the next. We’d skip lunch, sometimes skip breakfast too, just to sleep in or do other things instead. The way we traded off on the chores and work, it’s like we took turns taking care of each other. It was calm. Even when we were in costume. But-”
    “Year and a half. My longest relationship. We were together when the world ended.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.g
  24. “The boss is helping on that last bit,” Lisa said, “The allowance and a share of the other income Brian is getting is coming back to him in the form of a paycheck from a legitimate company, and the manager of said company is both willing and able to provide a glowing recommendation on his behalf.”

    “Which I’m less than thrilled about,” Brian admitted, “It’s… convenient, I don’t know how else I’d manage it, but I don’t like being so reliant on someone I don’t know at all." - Shell 4.4
  25. If he signs up, he's adopting this more regimented, official lifestyle, and he's seen how his dad has struggled to deal with Aisha from the same vantage point. Once he confines himself, limits himself, then that just gives Aisha more leeway to mess with him or go do her own thing. If he's stuck with official stuff to do, what can he do if Aisha recognizes that and decides that every time she's going to run away, she's going to hop on the first bus out of town?

    Could the PRT deal with that? Maybe. Probably. Could they give him leeway? Bend rules or pull resources, as part of his bargaining with them to join? From Brian's standpoint, even if he's cynical about it, I imagine he imagines they could.

    But Brian has to weigh the negatives against the positives, and keep in mind that he's dealt with the 'system' for a time (CPS and Aisha and his parents), and even if he's more like his dad than his mom, pay attention to the small details - he does martial arts but doesn't stick with one class. He's in school but he's doing it online, more freeform. He walks his own path, he doesn't subscribe to much - he could theoretically ditch the Undersiders at any time. Less so with the PRT.
    If it goes wrong, he can't back out easily. - comment by Wildbow on Sufficent Velocity.
  26. 26.0 26.1 It was easy enough to pin down Regent, Tattletale and Bitch as teenagers. It wasn't much of an intuitive leap to guess that Grue had been one too. - Gestation 1.5
  27. Grue had dark chocolate skin, shoulder length cornrows and that masculine lantern jaw you typically associated with guy superheroes. He wore jeans, boots and a plain green t-shirt, which struck me as a bit cold for the spring. I did note that he had considerable muscle definition in his arms. This was a guy who worked out. - Insinuation 2.6
  28. There were two girls, a guy, and a fourth I identified as male only because of the height. The tall one approached me, while the others hurried to the edge of the roof to watch Lung and the creature duke it out. - Gestation 1.5
  29. Grue was startling in appearance, by contrast. Taller than me by at least a foot - Insinuation 2.6
  30. His voice was deep, masculine, but muffled by the helmet he wore. - Gestation 1.5
  31. He had a nice voice. It was an adult voice, even if his appearance gave me the sense of a guy in his late teens. - Insinuation 2.6
  32. 32.0 32.1 His voice echoed, reverberated, with a hollowness to the sound, like something alien and far away. He was using his power to play with the sound, “Tattletale, see to the door. Bug, with me.” - Excerpt from Agitation 3.7
  33. "The infamous Undersiders," Eidolon spoke. His voice reverberated slightly, an effect similar to Grue's. - Queen 18.4
  34. "If you've figured something out, spit it out," Grue spoke in his echoing voice - Agitation 3.9
  35. Gestation 1.5
  36. Brian had showed me how the visor had vents at the edges, to direct the effect of his power around the sides and top of his head, so it wouldn't obscure the face. It wasn't that he couldn't see through the effects of his own power – he could. He'd explained that the vents were there to create an effect where you could see glimpses of a black-painted skull floating in the vaguely human shaped form of even darker black. - Excerpt from Agitation 3.7
  37. Grue, for his part, withdrew a short crowbar from within the darkness that smoldered around his body. - Agitation 3.8
  38. Grue’s costume was not unlike his motorcycle leathers in terms of thickness and design, making him one of the most heavily armored of our groups in terms of the amount of material he was wearing. His headwear was the part I’d changed the most: I’d modeled the face-plate after a figurine(see shell 4.4) he’d bought at the market. It was a step away from the visor he’d worn up to now, more demonic than skeletal. The only real trick there had been making it non-porous enough that his darkness wouldn’t bleed through. A quick experiment proved that my efforts had turned out alright. In costume, the face-mask down, the darkness framed his mask but didn’t cover it unless Grue forced it to. A demon’s face in dark gray in a vaguely human-shaped twist of darkness. -Colony 15.1
  39. “You’re not wearing the lame skull face paint anymore. That’s cool. You can always say Valkyrie made you do it, at least.”

    “That’s my face now,” he said. “This is face paint, covering it up.”
    He’d rubbed at one of his cheekbones and wiped away the makeup that covered up the marking that Valkyrie had given him. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.f
  40. His eyes were still paler than they’d been before he’d died. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.g
  41. Grue used his power, and the room was plunged into darkness, the volume of the screams and wails dropping to utter silence in a matter of seconds. - Excerpt from Agitation 3.7
  42. 42.0 42.1 "Grue's power isn't just darkness. You can't hear in there either. And it feels strange too," Browbeat spoke, "There's resistance, like you're underwater, but not floating." - Interlude 3
  43. We were only halfway down the length of the alley when there was a sound behind us, like the crack of a whip. It struck me as deeply wrong, since we shouldn't have been able to hear anything through Grue's darkness. - Shell 4.7
  44. The Endbringer glowed, and the swelling light was too intense to look at.

    Just seeing it, there was no question of what he was doing. A final act of spite. Turning himself into a bomb.

    A stream of darkness poured from one of the helicopters, filling the street Behemoth lay in. For an instant, the Endbringer was almost entirely obscured.

    Scion fired one more beam, and the darkness was obliterated, swept away. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  45. Tangle 6.6
  46. Monarch 16.6
  47. Shatterbird, meanwhile, was drawing closer, using the glass-storm to bar Ballistic’s access to the crate of explosives.  Grue’s power was serving to counter hers, and any glass that entered the darkness seemed to drop straight down like rain, bereft of her abilities.  Momentum still carried, however, and any glass shards that entered at a high enough velocity seemed to exit at roughly the same speed. - Excerpt from Snare 13.6
  48. Then every bug in the area reacted to that sound I couldn’t make out, the one I’d heard when Cricket went after Coil’s soldier.  It was loud enough for them to hear through the darkness, but… entirely out of my range of hearing.

    I couldn’t say for sure, but I got the impression the ones closer to Cricket had heard it a fraction of a second sooner.

    “Grue!” I screamed into the oppressive shadow.  “Move!”

    Cricket turned toward him and lunged in one motion, bringing both scythes down in an overhead swing.  Grue moved out of the way just in time.

    “She has radar!” I shouted, my voice barely audible to myself.  Didn’t matter.  Grue could hear me. - Excerpt from Buzz 7.8
  49. As my hands made contact with the railing, a pair of hands settled on my shoulders. I wheeled around and knocked them away, my voice raised as I half-shouted, “Back off!”

    Except the words barely reached me. The sound echoed as if from a distant place, and had a hollowness to it that made me think of someone shouting from the bottom of a deep well. The darkness didn’t just block off the light. It swallowed up noises as well. I’d let go of the railing when I turned to face the other person in the darkness, and I had a moment’s panic when I realized I couldn’t tell where the stairs were anymore. The texture of the darkness was inconsistent, making it hard to identify the full scope of my movements. I was reminded of those times I had been underwater and lost track of which direction the surface was. I could tell which way was up, sure, but that was about it.

    Sensory deprivation. When those two words came to my mind, I felt myself relax some. Brian’s power mucked with your senses… Sight, hearing, touch. I wasn’t limited to those three. Reached out with my power, I identified where all of the bugs in the loft and the factory below were. Using them to ground myself like a sailor might use the constellations, I figured out where the stairs should be and found the railing. The hands hadn’t grabbed for me again, so I hurried down, down the stairs and out of the oppressive darkness. - Excerpt from Insinuation 2.8
  50. Grue was the first I ran into, and the easiest to identify. Some of my bugs had tiny hairs on their bodies that could sense air currents, and the steady output of darkness around Grue generated something like a steady air current around him. - Agitation 3.9
  51. His power wipes out his smell when it’s been freshly used/is in use. Taylor notes the distinction at another point in time. - Comment by Wildbow on Buzz 7.7
  52. “Bitch, hold up,” speaks the scentless man. Scentless man makes Brutus nervous because he is big but he has no smell. But he is Master’s alpha so Master stops and listens.

    “You’re going out?” the scentless man asks. - Interlude 4
  53. "Darkness boy isn't around anymore or I'd be able to smell him."

    He was wrong.  My bugs could feel Grue out there.  If the driver had been injured, that might account for why Grue had lagged behind.  But Stormtiger couldn't smell Grue? - Excerpt from Buzz 7.8
  54. To make our escape all the more terrifying, I knew the dog couldn’t see. She was following Brutus by scent, and Brutus was going by Grue’s directions. - Agitation 3.12
  55. If you recall, after the bank robbery, the dogs were riding through the darkness with Grue piloting one, the other two following after, using the scent of the lead dog to guide them. (3.12) - Comment by Wildbow
  56. 56.0 56.1 Stormtiger raised one hand in the direction he'd come and created a blast of wind to clear a path through Grue's darkness and reveal Hookwolf and Cricket.


    "Stormtiger, find the others of her group." Hookwolf snarled, apparently not considering my words worth responding to.

    "Can't," Stormtiger spoke, from where he stood above me.  "Not smelling them."

    "You smelled her."

    "And I smelled the two uniforms from the ambulance.  Other one's bleeding, sitting near the ambulance somewhere over there." - Excerpt from Buzz 7.8
  57. As I looked for the source of the noise, I saw Grue's cloud of darkness shrinking. Debris began to slide towards the epicenter of the darkness, and the wind – the pull – began to increase in intensity. - Excerpt from Shell 4.7
  58. Monarch 16.1
  59. He was using his power at a low degree over the entirety of his body. The darkness soaked into and through the porous leather of his costume, making him look like a living shadow. - Excerpt from Agitation 3.7
  60. Near Vista, a large figure staggered out of the darkness, shadows still clinging to him, bellowing and screaming incoherently about bugs. He thrashed for several moments, then collapsed into a heap a short distance from Vista. Someone that large could only be Browbeat. Vista apparently reached the same conclusion I did, because she took a few steps closer to him, looking around helplessly for a way to help him.

    An instant after I realized that I didn't actually have bugs on Browbeat, the figure struck Vista across the side of the head, laying her flat. I saw the briefest glimpse of Grue's skull mask before he and Vista were covered by a fresh tide of his darkness. - Agitation 3.10
  61. Tattletale murmured something to Grue, and he surrounded us with darkness, leaving a clearing so we could communicate. - Queen 18.7
  62. Shell 4.9
  63. Snare 13.6
  64. Prey 14.3
  65. We climbed down the far side, and Grue banished the darkness around us. - Shell 4.7
  66. Grue swept his arms forward, and the darkness parted. [...] Some of Grue's darkness clung to the surfaces of the doors and the windows, but the room was otherwise clear in a matter of moments, lit only by the florescent lights. - Excerpt from Agitation 3.7
  67. Grue said his darkness faded after twenty minutes or so - Excerpt from Agitation 3.12
  68. Snare 13.9
  69. He steals one at a time. - Comment by Wildbow on Scourge 19.5
  70. He has stated he doesn’t get a lot out of thinker powers. Also, he doesn’t get the passenger assistance, so a lot of the administrative/coordinating stuff for the power isn’t acquired (ie. controlling where the power is applied). - Comment by Wildbow on Sting 26.5
  71. “I’d need Valkyrie to undo the tweaks she did, and she’s gone,” he told us.

    “What fucking tweaks?”

    “It’s complicated. Needed-[...]–To try something. To try and shake the memories those new powers were attached to. Didn’t work.” - Excerpt from Last 20.6
  72. Grue was abused by his mother's boyfriend when he was young, and fought to develop the strength and fortitude to never be that weak again. To go to help his sister with the same man, and to see the house and be brought back to his weakest, darkest moment, the man's eyes on him, he found the power to immerse the world in darkness. Environment and malign attention and the desire to protect his sister all factored into his power being what it was. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit
  73. I was remembering right, both Grue and Hellhound had lived in different cities prior to teaming up and setting roots in Brockton Bay. - Insinuation 2.5
  74. 74.0 74.1 Comment by Wildbow on Sufficient Velocity
  75. 75.0 75.1 “You and Brian are similar, but I wouldn’t say he’s cautious. He’s… pragmatic. You both are. The difference between you two is that he’s been doing what he does for three years, now. Two years of experience, before he joined the group. So a lot of what he does is automatic. He doesn’t give a second thought to the little things he’s done dozens of times already. He takes a lot for granted.” - Excerpt from Shell 4.2
  76. he's leader of a gang in one of the most competitive areas for capes and gangs in America, and is incidentally the reason Grue comments about how much he hates time travel. - Comment by wildbow on Reddit
  77. Interlude 8.y
  78. Cockroaches 28.4
  79. “The Undersiders. They’ve flown under the radar so far, but more recently, they’ve started pulling higher profile jobs. They hit the Ruby Dreams casino five weeks ago, and now they just robbed the biggest bank in Brockton Bay. This time we were lucky enough to get in their way. That means we finally have intel on their group.” - Excerpt from Interlude 3
  80. Interlude: End
  81. 81.0 81.1 Interlude 15.z
  82. Valkyrie had confessed that she didn’t want to make him a member of her Flock. Only his performance, ability to follow orders, and his no-nonsense attitude had changed her mind. He had ceased being a shadow and became a man again. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.g
  83. 83.0 83.1 Infrared 19.f
  84. Radiation 18.z
  85. Infrared 19.g
  86. Last 20.5
  87. Last 20.6
  88. Is not actually from that. Grue is old english meaning ‘creepy’ or ‘disturbing’. - Comment by Wildbow on Interlude: End
  89. Comment by Wildbow on Prey 14.8

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