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It felt weird to tell my fourteen year old daughter to break a man’s arm, once upon a time. We adapt.

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Carol Dallon, known publicly as Brandish, is the wife of Mark Dallon and the mother of Victoria Dallon. She is also the adoptive mother of Amy Dallon, and a member of New Wave.


Carol was a skilled lawyer.[4][5] She worked for the same firm as Alan Barnes, and the two were friends.[6] She promised herself that she would strike a balance between her two careers when she joined New Wave.[7] She tended to cope with stress by focusing on the business side of her life.[8] She was sometimes afraid of the dark as a result of her trauma,[9]sleeping with the lights on in her room,[10] and generally keeping the lights on around the house.[11]

She disliked using abbreviations such as "lol".[12]


Carol had severe trust issues, stemming from her Trigger Event - she had grown to trust one of her kidnappers to an extent, and felt betrayed when he tried to execute her. Something about Marquis reminded her of him, perhaps the fact that she liked him on a level. He didn't fit with her view of the world - criminal, yet with a code.[6]


Carol felt she was only able to trust her daughter, Victoria, because she was hers - a part of her from the very beginning.[6] She was willing to believe Glory Girl's excuses about having difficulty holding back with her power.[4]


Amy Dallon, her adoptive daughter, felt - correctly[13] - that Carol never really wanted her.[6][13][14] After her husband received a head injury, she blamed her for not healing him.[6][13] Carol was constantly wary of Amy.[15]

Mark Dallon[]

Carol and Mark were married for around two decades. They still have strong feelings for each other,[16] however their relationship is uneasy, they tend to grow distant from time to time, even split up for a while, only to reconnect again later.

Neil Pelham[]

Carol and Neil had an affair early in their relationship, both of them were with their future spouses at the time. Carol pleads to Victoria, that she is not his daughter, however Carol struggles to remember completely.[17][18]


As Brandish, Carol wears a white costume with orange trim[19] and a crossed-blade symbol.[20] She keeps her hair short.[21]

Abilities and Powers[]

Carol Dallon has the ability to create various simple weapons and martial shields out of burning 'hard' light, or light augmented by concussive or kinetic force.[22][2] Further she can condense herself into a bouncing sphere of hard light, effectively invincible and untouchable at the cost of all mobility.[23]

She described her ball form as "condensed into a point, surrounded by a layered, spherical force field".[24] It could fly away whenever it was hit, or she could exercise some control over the direction.[13] She could choose what posture she was in when transitioning between forms, allowing her to more easily recover from falls.[6] It was orange-yellow in color.[25] While in her ball form, Brandish is in a kind of 'stasis'. This allows her to do a combination attack with Flashbang, in which she takes some of his timed grenades into her ball form and unleashes them when she comes out.[26] While in her Breaker form, Brandish cannot see or hear anything, only able to track the world around her with another kind of awareness. This essentially meant she was trapped in the dark whenever she used this form, which just so happens to be her exact phobia.[27]

Brandish is martial combatant capable of delivering explosively powerful strikes or letting her weapons shear through flesh and bone without resistance, burning and cauterizing any wound.[28] They could slash through Marquis' bone plates[6] and could even shear through steel.[2] The weapons "looked as though they were made from lightning."[29] They could be a sword,[6] a pair of swords,[13] a crude bludgeon,[6] or a pair of axes, among other things.[29]. Brandish can control how damaging the specific instance of weapon is.[30]

She has some resistance to blinding lights,[31] likely so she isn't blinded by the light of her own creations.



Carol triggered while kidnapped,[32] about to be executed by her captors, feeling betrayed that the captor who had fed them, whom she had liked, tried to kill her. She killed him with her power.[13] Either she or Lady Photon (who triggered first) had a connection with a shard, which then budded to the other.[33]

She joined the Brockton Bay Brigade during a period when there were few heroes in Brockton Bay, without the Unwritten Rules. There she met her husband, Mark Dallon. They joined New Wave when it was founded.[6][13][34]

She had Victoria at 18, she stopped attending therapy around the same time.[1]

She tried for a normal life and began a career as a criminal lawyer.[2]

She was persuaded to adopt Panacea when they found her in Marquis' lair, out of worries that another group might seek to use her for whatever powers she developed.[6] She accepted in the end because she had a job, while her sister already had two children.[13]

Boston Games[]

Halfheartedly tried to return runaway girl into the fold. Barely evaded obliteration.[35]

Story Start[]

With the change over from the Brigade to New Wave and subsequent tragedies, Carol was effectively forced to act as manager for the team; handling legal affairs, public relations, and media contacts.[2]

When the E88's identities were revealed Brandish and Flashbang confronted Krieg and his subordinates with New Wave.

Carol fought Leviathan alongside the rest of New Wave.


Following the deaths of much of New Wave and her husband's head injury, Carol considered disbanding New Wave. She received a letter from Dragon warning her that Marquis believed his daughter was in danger.[13]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Was working late when her colleague Alan got back to her over a trifling matter.

Using a tip from Tattletale she was able to find her daughters only to discover that she had lost them; Amy had mutilated Victoria with her power, and was subsequently imprisoned in the birdcage.

Gold Morning[]

Carol briefly reunited with both of her daughters; she saw them for only a short time before the fighting began in earnest.


Carol was set up in a house in the suburbs of the city. She tried to get her daughters into the same house, in the hopes of forcing a reconciliation; this backfired and estranged her from Victoria.[36]

She acted as a lawyer for the Wardens.[37]

Post-Fallen fall[]

Carol continued lawyering for the remains of the Wardens under Dragon's leadership, but returned to cape activities as part of a minor team.[38]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Brandish joined her daughter's team on a revenge mission to Earth N. In the final fight of it she got accidentally mauled by The Wretch, severely damaging her head and spine. She had to be brought to Amy on Earth Shin.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

When Breakthrough visited Shin, Carol expressed concern for Amy.

Once Shin Diplomatic Crisis was resolved Carol returned to The City alongside Victoria.

Carol moved in with Crystal for a time, they prepared to evacuate from the city together.[39]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

She had a talk with her daughter about Victoria's father.[18]

Carol reunited with her sister.[40]

She was invited into the Wardens' situation room during the second Shin crisis. Carol helped Vista to deal with Narwhal,[41] and participated in negotiations with The Red Queen.[42]

The Ice Breaks[]

Carol appeared in the Wardens headquarters after the ice broke.[43]

She met Breakthrough, when they were returning from The Firmament, and led Victoria to Amy.[44]

Carol and Mark offered Victoria's plague to Amy.[45]

Chapter Appearances[]

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    Then it detonated, and the creatures came alive, soaring out into the vastness of the void, trails of dust following in their wake, each with a partner, a companion, traveling in a different direction.

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