Braindead is a clairvoyant thinker working with Bitter Pills group.



Worked closely with Birdbrain.


Usually in a wheelchair while using his ability, Braindead wears a helmet with a fake brain under glass on top.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Braindead is a thinker who gets a clairvoyant, and possibly clairaudient awareness of a pre-designated area on an x-y-z plane. Anyone within this area is assessed with his power. The things assessed are traits like fitness, martial arts prowess and run speed. The smaller an area that he maintains awareness of, the more accurate information he will get.[2]

He is completely incapacitated while his power is in use.



Used to be a hero.


Operated out of Hollow Point, keeping tabs on the area using his ability in tandem with Birdbrains.


  1. “Couldn’t. Clairvoyants with some clairaudience,” I said. I opened a sub-folder, clicked an image, and let it pop up. A boy in a wheelchair, a woman pushing it. He wore a helmet with a fake brain under glass at the top. She wore a bird mask. “They’d hear anything we communicated, so it was radio silence.” - Shade 4.6
  2. Primary concerns: Braindead and Birdbrain. Clairvoyants both.

    Braindead was a tactical thinker, who could designate a set area in three dimensions, setting out a rectangular prism where he sensed everything in the area. He could cover a small town with his power and have a general awareness of everything that happened in that town, but if he designated a smaller area, he got more clarity, more attention of simultaneous things at once, and he was aware of stats. Non-numerical values for abstract things like physical wellness, martial combat capacity, and run speed, for everyone in the area. Smaller area, more and more accurate stats.

    The drawback was that he was a twenty-something guy that spent an awful lot of time sitting in a chair with a diaper on, drooling, mumbling, and feeling acutely uncomfortable. When his power was active, and for a time after, he was unable to act on his knowledge himself, or even to effectively defend himself. He had been on the side of the good guys, once, which was why his power information was such common knowledge. Something had changed or snapped.
    Against Braindead alone, flying high and sticking to rooftops was a really safe bet, to stay out of his realm of awareness. - Excerpt from Shade 4.3
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