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The Boston skyline stretched out before him, with the ocean in the distance. Over the last year and three months, he'd picked up on how things were subtly different in this world. It wasn't explicit, wasn't overt, but he couldn't help but notice that all of the newer constructions were sturdier.

Trickster, Migration 17.8

Boston is a city in the United States.


Boston was one of two large cities located reasonably near to Brockton Bay, along with New York.[1]

The city has close connections with New York and Brockton Bay, with multiple individuals and groups operating in all three cities, including Thomas Calvert,[2] Jessica Yamada[3] and the Teeth.[4] In some cases, Protectorate capes from New York and Boston could be sent Brockton Bay.[5] The Wards also have close connections, with the Boston and New York teams training together multiple times.[6]

Government and heroic organizations[]


Boston houses PRT Department 24.[7] It's headed by Director Armstrong. Director Piggot felt that he paid too much attention to parahuman research and not enough to PR.[8] He was very close to Weld.[9]

Thomas Calvert operated as a paid consultant for the Boston PRT at some point.[2]

Some of the staff at the Boston PRT had caught on that Weld was pocketing most of his food allowance, but didn't say anything about it.[10]

The Protectorate[]

It was headed by Bastion, a major figure in the Protectorate[11] until being killed in the battle against Leviathan in Brockton Bay.[12] Just prior, Bastion was caught making racist remarks on camera, later posted online.[11][13]

Overall the Boston Protectorate had plenty of members,[14] more than Brockton Bay.[15]

The Wards[]

The Boston Wards team was larger than that in Brockton Bay.[16] They had more training than the Brockton Bay Wards, including regular training sessions with the New York teams.[17]

Weld was in the Boston Wards prior to his transfer to Brockton Bay.[18] The team included a limited precog about the same age as Vista, who generally stayed at the base and communicated with the team via comms.[19]


The Ambassadors[]

Main article: Accord's Ambassadors

Accord's assistants and secretaries, who get their powers from the vials bought by him. Although they weren't the most influential villain group in Boston,[20] they did control an area of the city.[21]

The Teeth[]

Main article: The Teeth

Once a gang in Brockton Bay, until they were nearly wiped out by the Slaughterhouse Nine. Also have a cell in New York.[4]

Fenrir's Chosen[]

Main article: Fenrir's Chosen

Neo-Nazi group formed by some of the members of Empire Eighty-Eight after the death of Kaiser. Moved to Boston after their leader joined the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Main article: Blastgerm

Blasto and his allies operated in Boston, and Accord considered him a rival.[22] He was also enemies with Spree of the Teeth and a villain named Chain Man.[23]

Night and Fog[]

Night and Fog operated in Boston for a time.[24]


Jessica Yamada lived in Boston when she wasn't working.[25]

Points of Interest[]

Boston had a similar Wards base to that at the Brockton Bay PRT HQ, with sectioned-off cubicles for beds and personal effects.[26]

Accord held territory in the Charlestown area, where the heroes didn't have as strong a presence.[21] Accord maintained the peace instead.[27]

Blasto held territory in the East Allston area, although given he had no subordinates, what he did with it is unclear.[23]



Grace Lands was born in Boston, as presumably was her brother, Andrew Hawke. They were traveling there by ferry when they encountered Scion. Andrew was silent from the moment he met Scion until they reached Boston, at which point he began babbling like a child to the assembled reporters on the dock.[28]

Bakuda spoke with a noticeable Boston accent when out of costume, suggesting she grew up there.[29]

Faultline's Crew fought the Boston Protectorate team at the Parahuman Asylum, where they met Labyrinth.[30]

Blasto began operating in April 2009.[23] Night and Fog moved to Boston the same year, following Purity abandoning E88.[31]

Purity's interlude is set in 2011, meaning that she left E88 in 2009.[32][33]

Boston Games[]

When several major villains were arrested and their gangs dispersed villains from across the northeast flocked to boston to fill the power vacuum. Heroes, like the newly re-christened New Wave, came in to make sure the gang war didn't engulf the city. So the Boston Games began.[34][35]

Blastgerm unleashed the Woad Giant.[36][37]

Story Start[]

The Travelers visited Boston, paying Accord for the privilege of operating in his territory. They agreed to attack Blasto for him in exchange for costumes crafted using his power. Sundancer burst in during the meeting to warn Trickster, annoying Accord. Perdition had attacked Noelle, creating several dangerous clones of himself, and leading them to expel him from the group and hand him over to Accord. He put them in touch with Coil, who claimed that Dinah had predicted he was capable of curing Noelle.[22]

When Purity rejoined E88, Night and Fog left Boston and returned to Brockton Bay.[32][33]

Paige Mcabee was tried and convicted in Boston. She was placed in a containment truck there with Lung and Bakuda to be sent to the Birdcage.[38]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

The remainder of the Chosen moved to Boston. They destroyed Blasto's lab, forcing him to work with Accord.

The Slaughterhouse Nine attacked Boston. Bonesaw visited Blasto's lab, kidnapping him and stealing his data.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

What remained of Boston was consumed by The Machine Army.[39]


  • While Bastion was originally placed in San Jose, he was placed in Boston by Wildbow in later pieces and will be placed there in the rewrites.[13]


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    Weld nodded.

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  9. "Forgive me for saying so, but I get the impression you don't like or respect Director Armstrong?"

    "Your point?"

    "I just thought you should know he's something like a father figure to me.  He's the one who recruited me to the Wards, got me up to speed.  I've already made plans to go to his house for a bit this summer.  Maybe I'm putting myself on your sh… in your bad books by saying so, but I just thought I should let you know I'll step up to defend him if you start putting him down." - Sentinel 9.1
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    "Little person," you correct. "Sorry, but we stress political correctness here, and one wrong statement can get taken a long way by the media."

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    "That was more than one wrong statement, but yes. I know. Bastion ran afoul of the media."

    "Okay, right. Well, I'm not much taller than a midget or a politically correct little person, and that means I'm not so good with the stun gun's size or recoil, is what I was saying. I was working on it back home, but it's been a week or two and I think I've forgotten what I learned." - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread i p29
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    The training games he'd led his team through back in Boston had been some of the more fun moments of his career.  It had also allowed for a harmless but fun interaction with the New York group, giving them a chance to mingle, talk and share war stories.  There was something about being able to mess with others on a level that you couldn't with teammates you had to fight alongside. - Sentinel 9.1
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    "If you saw fit to grant that permission, I would then ask if you'd let us engage in some minor activity.  Robbing low-level stores, primarily.  Possibly a bank.  All in your area."


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    Ashley smiled for the first time.

    For the rest of the room, I explained, keeping half of an eye on Mrs. Yamada, to make sure I wasn’t overstepping. “A series of arrests in Boston saw a shift in the power balance of local gangs. That’s a pretty common thing, but the Protectorate team followed up on it hard, toppling just about every major and most minor gangs and villains in the city, leaving a void that was bigger than usual. Villains of every power level and stripe flocked to the city, villains in neighboring cities had a vested interest in having a foothold there as a place to retreat to or a place to expand, and it became an entangled nightmare of villain politics and power plays.”

    “Time of my life,” Ashley said.

    “Heroes, like the PRT, and like my family’s team, followed, to try and keep the peace until things settled. My family’s team was Lady Photon, Manpower, Flashbang, Brandish, Lightstar and Fleur.” - Excerpt from Flare 2.5
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