Bluestocking is a villain residing in the City.


Bluestocking is bold and somewhat irritable, unafraid to talk back to opposing heroes during a confrontation.[2] At the villain assembly at Sherwood Span, she was openly hostile towards Tattletale, even despite the large numbers possessed by the Undersiders.[3]

In contrast to Bitter Pill, Bluestocking seems to be less willing to go after civilians, but deems cops and the anti-parahuman soldiers to be fair targets.[4] She is committed to being a villain, however, and is determined to keep the territory and resources that her group has accumulated.[5]


Bluestocking wears a costume with indigo stockings, boots, and glasses with opaque blue lenses.[6][7] She has tan skin. Out of costume, she wears her hair in a bun.[8]

She has more formal, stylized variant of costume with dress and corset.[9]


Bluestocking is a thinker. The specifics of her power are unknown,[1] but she has broad qualifications, including medical.[10]



Bluestocking was one of the villains who settled in Hollow Point, where she collected protection money from the town's residents.[11]. She was part of what Victoria referred to as the "brainiac clique," alongside Bitter Pill, Crested, Birdbrain, and Foggy Idea.[12] She was present when the Kings of the Hill passed through Hollow Point, and later participated in the fight against Advance Guard and an unnamed hero group.[13]

Bluestocking fought in the assault on the Mathers compound, where she appeared to have taken some of Bitter Pill's transformation drugs.[14] She was injured and taken out of action in the raid.[3]

At her physical therapy, Victoria Dallon was glared at by an unknown woman whom she later would connect to Bluestocking.[8]

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Having recovered from her prior injury, Bluestocking attended the villain meeting at Sherwood Span, where she displayed open animosity towards Tattletale.[3]

With Bitter Pill's group, Bluestocking broke into a prison where Etna and Crested were being held in order to free them, but got into a fight with Breakthrough and a Patrol Block squad. The villains eventually agreed to pay for the damages and cease fighting, in exchange for the two prisoners.[15]

Bluestocking and her group quickly arrived once Antares' group started causing ruckus in Earth N's Frontier Row, but they got talked out of engaging heroes by Prancer. They recovered half-drowned Etna and left. Later in the night blinded Contender got delivered to her too.

Once Antares' group returned to the portal and was unable to reactivate it, Bluestocking tried to wrangle a favorable deal from the mayor and heroes in exchange for Frontier Row's assistance. Upon agreement, her group immediately got taken hostage by Paris and Thud, and then quickly freed from it. Bluestocking offered her medical assistance and retreated to call in more villains for help.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Bluestocking had gained some promised concessions from the mayor. She had taken up residence in the Lodge, and was now even more comfortable to dictate the response of the local villains.

She escorted Antares, Tattletale, and Tress to Semiramis and Little Midas when they came in to investigate the recent cyber attacks.

Later, she became mired in conflict over influence over Earth N with Little Midas and Semiramis.[16]

Trivia Edit

  • A bluestocking is an outdated term for an educated, intellectual woman.


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