The Navigators Incident

Blue Team vs Lord of Loss' Mercs



The City


Lord of Loss captured

Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Parian is hospitalised
  • Nursery gets a dose of Candy's power
  • Lord of Loss is captured

Blue Team vs Lord of Loss' Mercs marks the battle between a mixed group of Breakthrough, the Undersiders (with the Heartbroken), and Lord of Loss & his group of mercenaries.

Prelude Edit

Breakthrough and the Undersiders decide to team up, in order to take out Love Lost, Cradle, and March. Based on Ashley's recommendations they decide to split up to attack their targets simultaneously.[1]

The 'Blue Team'[2] decides to go after Love Lost, and goes to her lair. Not finding her there, they are instead confronted by Lord of Loss and his mercenaries.

Battle Edit

Parian is incapacitated by one of Nursery's babies entering her throat. The team tries to escape, but a large group of mercenaries get in their way.

In order to fight Lord of Loss, Victoria encourages Rain to use his emotion power on her, with the intent of putting herself into a head space that will help her learn from her mistakes and fight more effectively. While this is happening, the rest of the team is fending off the rest of the mercenary capes.

After a long battle with Lord of Loss, Victoria manages to grant him his first ever defeat, and he is captured by the team.

Aftermath Edit

Realizing that they are the only successful team the group is able to bargain with the mayor for resources and call in favours to get revenge for their wounded teammates.

Trivia Edit

  • As the alliance was not given a name the groups are named based on the color codes used on Lookout's projector discs.[2]


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