Dexter Schucandy or The Blue Bomber as the local papers dubbed him, is a terrorist that targeted capes and the PRT who is about to be imprisoned in the Birdcage.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Blue Bomber has been recorded in three distinct forms, at least as far as the PRT was aware. His power is to re-actively assume a form based on the interaction with another parahuman's Shard.

The Blue Bomber actually has a Trump power that allows him to assume different forms based on the shard of his opponent. Each confers differing benefits based on the shard. A single base form is available.


Bombs[1], has the expertise to make bombs form various materials just like he can disassemble them in his previous civilian life.



Diagnosed with high-functioning autism after Child Protective Services took him away from his abusive parents. He grew up to be something of a loner socially isolated from his peers.

Was able to graduate college and take the training necessary to join the bomb squad of his local police department.


Escaped the containment convoy transporting them to the Birdcage, along with three other prisoners.[1]


  • Was used by another player in Weaverdice that was interesting enough to be used by the Author.


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