Blowout was a member of the Las Vegas Protectorate until he abandoned it along with the rest of his team.


Blowout wears a featureless mask with a single 'eye' on the brow, armor with panels that slowly rotated from one color to another.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Blowout has telekinetically assisted strength. His strength and durability increased with the size of his audience and the reaction he got from them. His secondary power fed the same reactions that fueled his strength to leave his targets stunned, reacting slower, or making them take longer to pick themselves off the ground.[1]

This effect is believed to be able to cause more permanent brain damage. [2]



Was in the habit of using a power that could cause permanent brain damage.


Tried to prevent the capture of Pretender.[3]

Gold Morning Edit

Was sent to infiltrate the Cauldron Compound.


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    “I remember Satyrical saying something along those lines. Stunning presence.”

    “It’s not a power in the records, not something long-term like this. But it fits. There was a string of people found in Vegas with varying amounts of brain damage. Some permanent,” I said. - Venom 29.9
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