Bloodplay is a villain and a rogue, operating in Earth Gimel.


Bloodplay wears a red costume that is of the post-Gold Morning style, clothing mixed with costume. She has eyes that are completely red.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bloodplay has the ability to shrink to around two inches tall.[3] While in this form, she is capable of flight and can produce a small, foot-long red laser, that cuts without cauterising the wound and is quite potent, casually penetrating metal.[4] She can use this laser at her full size, but it is weaker.

It is possible, given her name, that the 'lasers' she uses are actually pressurised blood.[5]



According to Chastity, Bloodplay used to run a fetish service on the side.[1]

The Ice BreaksEdit

Bloodplay was involved in the attack on the Wardens headquarters by the Simurgh, and was driven raving mad by the Endbringer. She attacked Breakthrough, and was physically restrained by Victoria after delivering severe injuries both to her and Byron.

She was delivered to The Mathers Giant and as a consequence was freed by the Simurgh attack. Bloodplay attempted to find Dinah Alcott inside Grue's darkness and injured Sveta and one of Rachel's dogs. Bloodplay was slammed into the ground by Sveta, and presumably put out of commission.[6]


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    Open up, I thought. Hatch me out…

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