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Damage3245 Damage3245 2 October 2021

Character Category Hierarchy

  • 1 Prime Category
  • 2 Gender Categories
  • 3 Classification Categories
  • 4 Unique Features Categories
  • 5 Alignment Categories
  • 6 Status Categories
  • 7 Occupation Categories
  • 8 Organization Categories
  • 9 Family Categories
  • 10 Earth Categories
  • 11 Series Categories

This category goes first on every character's page.

  • Category:Characters

Only a single gender category should go on a character's page.

  • Category:Males
  • Category:Females
  • Category:Unknown Gender

Classifications should be added to characters in alphabetical order.

  • Category:Blasters
  • Category:Breakers
  • Category:Brutes
  • Category:Changers
  • Category:Masters
  • Category:Movers
  • Category:Shakers
  • Category:Strangers
  • Category:Strikers
  • Category:Thinkers
  • Category:Tinkers
  • Category:Trumps

Unique features for characters should be categorized in alphabetical order…

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The Eldritch Snowcone The Eldritch Snowcone 14 September 2020


I'm new to this wiki, but not to Fandom. So, I actually may be able to help some other new users. Ya need anything, hit me up!

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Blademan9999 Blademan9999 6 September 2020



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Blademan9999 Blademan9999 6 September 2020



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Blademan9999 Blademan9999 6 September 2020



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Damage3245 Damage3245 15 November 2019

To-Do List

  • Update the Characters sections for remaining chapters.
  • Add Chapter Appearances sections to character pages.
  • Add Statuses for all Groups & Organizations
  • Add Characters Introduced sections for:
    • All Worm arcs from Insinuation onward.
    • All Ward arcs.
  • Add Story Impact sections for all arcs.
  • Add Battles & Events sections for all relevant arcs.
  • Create a Character List page for Worm and Ward.
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Damage3245 Damage3245 13 October 2019

Possible Suggestions for the Wiki

  • Update Synopsis sections to use official arcs rather than events.
  • Update fight pages and categorize them by combatant and arc.
  • Add family trees to characters that have enough family members to warrant it.

  • Add to categorization of images by character.
  • Create templates for chapter lists and remove superfluous code from arc pages.
  • Rename images to a more standardized convention for naming.
  • Add a Story Impact subsection to each arc page.
  • Add a Characters Introduced subsection to each arc page.
  • Add a Battles & Events subsection to each arc page.
  • Add Naviboxes for Arcs to each arc page, chapter page and event page.
  • Updating existing Naviboxes to a standardized format.
  • Add the Status field to Character Infoboxes and categorize deceased characters.
  • Remove Wor…

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Ethicalhamjimmies Ethicalhamjimmies 3 July 2019

Jumping the gun with the history sections

All of Ward so far has been divided into a three arc structure. Larger story arcs tend to take place over three arcs. I think starting a break in characters histories for 'Post-Shin Crisis' is jumping the gun. Arcs 13-15 are most likely the bigger story arc, so I think we should wait before we start adding sections. Thoughts?

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RainDance299 RainDance299 7 October 2016

parahumanlistlist - an overview of Wildbow's edits

An overview of all of wildbow edits in the parahumanlist. Outside of these edits, the list should be considered an indirect source.

Mostly for personal use.

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MugaSofer MugaSofer 23 August 2016

Admin Applications

People wanting to apply for administrator privileges can now do so at the Administration board of the forums.

Please create a new thread for your application and use the following format:

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FossilLord FossilLord 4 August 2016

Cutting and pasting

It seems this blog is rapidly turning into a complaints thread for me so I will try and make this quick. When you are posting information about a certain character please do not cut and paste your text directly from statements by the author or from the story itself. I know it takes more time to reinterpret what's written into wiki text but give it sometime and you will find it to be much better quality. People come to wiki's for an summation and analysis of what they see in the story. If they want to see the direct author comments they can follow the links that the wiki provides. Keep editing folks.--FossilLord (talk) 04:44, August 4, 2016 (UTC)

Edited the above for readability.--FossilLord (talk) 22:00, August 9, 2016 (UTC)

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FossilLord FossilLord 30 July 2016

Schedule for wiki completion

Some triage seems to be in order: the use of Wiki Wednesdays and slimier could get alot more work down in a shorter space of time, there fore presented is a how to cite guide for the wiki.

Google spreadsheet Wildbow edited parahumans list: to save space\sanity

Actual schedule headed for the end of the year need 'core' pages of worm taken care off.

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FossilLord FossilLord 21 July 2016

Character Name rules

To work on the articles my rule of thumb is to use the name that that character knows the other character by. there fore with scion every page that mentions him uses scion, anyone who fought it during golden morning knows it as Zion, and its partner knows it as the warrior.

Take Rachel Lindt for example, in undersiders (when they are in the field) and some other villans she is known as 'Bitch'. But as a rule of thumb the general public and the Heroes will only mention her as Hellhound when they a have the misfortune to encounter her. And to all the undersiders when off duty and her dogs she can called Rachel. This is even if the difference between her cape and civilian identities are largely negligible.

Another example that can be applied to…

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FossilLord FossilLord 17 July 2016

Testing- mission statement

Ever see this ?

I will quote it so you do have to open the link

It really bugs me that the Worm wiki sucks so much. Worm has an active, mostly text-based fandom, so you'd think that the wiki would be at least somewhat decent, but you go and look at it and articles for major characters have wholes sections that are either just [Coming Soon] or missing entirely. Most minor characters only have a description of what their powers are and maybe one or two lines about their appearance.

While I would love to talk to this person and try to convince them to help out on this wiki, it gives a perspective on what the wiki was like at the beginning of this year. This is impermissible. In my experience, the quality of the wiki reflects on the quality of t…

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Maroon sweater Maroon sweater 18 June 2016

Cauldron's Staff and Unanswered Questions

Clairvoyant, Doormaker, and the Slug: questions I want to see answered.

  • Doormaker talks twice during the story, once to Contessa in Interlude 29 and once about the Irregulars' attack in Interlude 28. But Khepri says that Teacher has to give him the ability to talk. Is he mute or not? Was being forced to spam doors during Golden Morning put him even more out of it than usual? (Is this author error, with Clairvoyant being supposed to be the mute one?)
  • Clairvoyant can grant others visions and he can force visions on other people (Interlude 28). The visions come with the side-effect of bed rest and weakness for a week afterwards, until Teacher provides two students to help. But is this something that automatically happens if you touch him (as wi…
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MugaSofer MugaSofer 28 May 2016

New Management

As some of you may know, our last remaining admin - Gesshoku - has been inactive for some time, and I put in a request to become a new admin.

Well, that request has been approved. If anyone has anything they need fixed that requires administrator permissions, I'm your guy.

I'll be working on cleaning up toolbars and settings that have grown outdated, protecting frequently-vandalized pages, and generally cleaning house over the next few weeks, so if you see anything that should be added to my to-do list please say it.

--MugaSofer (talk) 14:42, May 28, 2016 (UTC)

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Gesshoku Gesshoku 25 January 2015

Worm Wiki - Name Change

I would like to start off by thanking all of you that have been contributing to the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki. Hopefully, we can continue adding information to the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki and finish before Mr. McCrae comes out with Worm 2.

I would also like to bring up another issue. For as long as I can remember, the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki's URL and sitename haven't matched. Today, I did something about that. I have requested that the URL and sitename be changed so that they will match.

I have suggested that the name of the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki be changed to the "Worm Wiki" or "Wormpedia". The first option is a simple shortening of the wiki's current name, making it much easier to say. The second option alludes to the fact that…

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Gesshoku Gesshoku 23 December 2014

Worm Wiki - Cape Names vs. Civilian Names

I have recently been contacted by Wittywong about an issue that needs to be addressed on the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki. The issue, you may ask? The issue is the inconsistency regarding the names of the articles on the Worm Web Novel Serial Wiki.

At the moment, the titles for certain pages are listed as the cape name rather character's civilian name, but on others it's the civilian name rather than the cape name. Most of the time, when people are thinking about the characters from Worm, they're thinking about the characters' cape identities rather than their civilian identities.

For example: Jack Slash of the Slaughterhouse Nine. We know that Jack Slash's real name is Jacob although we usually refer to him as "Jack Slash".

I want to ask you a…

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Gesshoku Gesshoku 18 December 2014

Wiki Theme Changes:


I would suggest everyone read that blog and then leave their comments there and then here.

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Suihou Suihou 13 December 2014

Arc Page Summary Project

Now that Gesshoku-sempai has created pages for all of the arcs in Worm, I was hoping that we could set up an Arc Page Summary Project here on the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki.

This project would see to it that all Arc Pages follow a standard format. Here's an example"


'Name is an arc in the Worm series. (Brief Summary). It is preceded by (...) and followed by (...)

(Summarization of the events in the Arc)

(A list of links to chapters within the arc)


I am going to volunteer for this project though, if anyone else wants to volunteer, feel free. Please contact me, though, so I know that you want to work on it.

Thanks, guys Suihou (talk) 23:39, December 13, 2014 (UTC)

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Gesshoku Gesshoku 22 November 2014

Worm Wiki - Under New Management

This is Admin Gesshoku reporting. The adoption request I submitted on Wiki Community Central has been improved and, as such, I am now both Owner and Admin on the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki.

You might have noticed the new look to the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki. I have wanted to customize our wiki since I began editing here - give it a unique look that separated us from other wikis. It isn't perfect yet though, with your feedback on the current and future designs, I'm sure that it will be.

The second thing I would like to mention is that I started a Fight Summary Project. The purpose behind it is to record the battles/conflicts in Worm so that people coming to wiki don't have to search through a character's History in order to find out what hap…

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Gesshoku Gesshoku 15 November 2014

Worm Wiki: Owner Replacement/Attempted Adoption:

Hello everyone, this is Gesshoku!

I just wanted to let you all know that I submitted a request to adopt the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki on the Adoption Requests page on Wiki Community Central. I have done so in order so that the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki can get an active admin that could hopefully change and/or improve things around here.

I would like to ask you guys, however, if you approve of me adopting the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki or not. Feel free to state your opinions on the matter.

-Gesshoku (talk) 03:37, November 15, 2014 (UTC)

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Gesshoku Gesshoku 10 October 2014

Worm Wiki

Hello guys, this is Gesshoku.

I would like to start off by thanking everyone that has been helping add and reference new information to the Worm Web Serial Novel Wiki in the past few months. I know that Worm is long serial and that its hard to build up a wiki, but were starting to do that.

To this end, I have created some Character Templates you may now see on some of our character pages. I haven't completed all of the Character Temples that we need (Independent Hero/Villain) come to mind though that is only one part.

The fact is: the Worm Web Serial Novel wiki needs us. Or rather, it needs the community that has built up around Wildbow's creation. If people took five to ten minutes adding and referencing even a little bit to a character/loca…

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