Blindside is a villain who turns a few heads.

Personality & SkillsEdit

Blindside respected the unwritten rules, and was unwilling to hurt Victoria Dallon when they thought she was a civilian.[3] They were somewhat sarcastic; Nursery said about Blindside that they "have a mouth, but I do like them. They do a decent job", though working around their limitations is not easy.[4] Blindside noted that they had become familiar with some common workarounds people used to try and get around their power.[5]

Blindside possesses some skill in martial arts.[6][7]


On one occasion, Blindside worked alongside Lord of Loss, Snag, Nursery, and Kingdom Come, presumably as a mercenary crew.[8] They were acquanted with Prancer.


Because of Blindside's power, it was difficult for others to tell their appearance. They had medium length hair.[9] It was difficult to pinpoint whether they were male or female from their voice.[1]


On one occasion they wielded a metal bat.[6]


Blindside's power prevents people from turning their eyes and head in such a way that they would be looking at them.[10] If Blindside moves into their field of vision, they're forced to compulsively look away.[11][12] Blindside claimed that they could force a person to snap their neck in this way.[13] People can still turn to look in Blindside's direction if there are intervening objects preventing them from seeing them.[12] They could also turn their head in Blindside's direction as long as their eyes are closed.[14][13]

People are prevented from touching Blindside with any body part, muscles cramping and locking up before they can make contact, as if they hit an imaginary wall around them.[6][15][9][16][17] People even find themselves freezing when they're about to make contact with weapons. This does not stop objects already in motion from continuing and making contact, however.[18][19][20]

Their power also locks people from pointing at Blindside with fingers,[21][9] weapons,[22][23] master minions[20], cameras,[24] etc.

This power is apparently constantly on and can not be turned off.[25] It would have applied to insects controlled by a Master, preventing them from looking directly at Blindside or aiming their stingers at them.[23][20][26]



They claimed to have had their powers for several years.[5]

At some point they had a run-in with teenage hero team Tweens Between, which accustomed them to hurting kids.[27]


Blindside was involved with the Norfair Community Center Attack, where they were assigned to act as the villains' lookout.[28] They got in a short one-on-one fight with Victoria, discovering her cape status, and feigned defeat.[29] They later joined up with their teammates, retreating when their target, Fume Hood, was shot.[30]

They were later present at a lodge for villains, where they were present when Prancer made his proposal to organize.[31]

Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Alongside Lung and Kingdom Come they became a part of the emergency squad hired by Teacher and dedicated to deny Goddess ownership over parahuman convicts. Blindside was successful in forcing Antares and her team to turn back and seek another way past them.[27]

In the aftermath Blindside together with Kingdom Come were recovered by Breakthrough.[32] It is unclear if they were arrested.


  • Blindside's power is somewhat similar to an Other in Collateral 4.12 of one of Wildbow's other works, Pact.
  • Blindeside's power also strongly resembles that of The Strange Titan, leading to speculation that the two may be connected; however, the Strange Titan's power makes this difficult to confirm.


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